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Again, ITS AIChE Wins International Outstanding Student Chapter Award

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All administrators of ITS AIChE Student Chapter period of 2018-2019

ITS Campus, ITS News – The academicians of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) again made achievements at the international level. This time, through the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), ITS Student Chapter managed to get an award as an Outstanding Student Chapter for the second time.

The award will be given directly at the annual events organized by AIChE International in Orlando, United States, on November 10. The news of this success was conveyed to the ITS AIChE Student Chapter team in mid-September.

For information, ITS AIChE Student Chapter (SC) was formed based on the high need for internationalization aspects within the ITS Chemical Engineering Department. ITS AIChE SC which was formed on July 21, 2017, focuses on developing several beneficial projects, especially in terms of professionalism and education in the field of chemical engineering. “We are open to all departments in ITS who are interested in the development of process engineering,” said Muhammad Hazairin, Student President ITS AIChE SC 2018/2019.

One of the activities carried out by ITS AIChE is to emphasize the professional aspects of its members

AIChE ITS successfully maintained the Outstanding Student Chapter award that was also won in the previous year, after defeating approximately 310 universities throughout the world and joining 25 other winners who were also selected within the scope of AIChE International. This is an extraordinary achievement, considering that ITS AIChE can compete with other universities in Indonesia that have already been formed and joined with AIChE International.

Furthermore, said the student who is usually called Irin, this award is given by AIChE International to universities throughout the world who actively contributed to the development of student professionals in their respective regions. The number of projects carried out and the positive impact produced are also the main aspects assessed in this award. “We have done a total of 38 projects in various fields during one management period,” he added.

The activities carried out by ITS AIChE which related to the importance of occupational safety

The student of the Chemical Engineering Department also explained, ITS AIChE always tried to contribute both at national and international levels. One of the biggest forms of contributions at the national level is the establishment of the Professional Engineering Month project, which was initiated by the ITS AIChE Professional Development Department. This project can help engineering students to learn how to become professional engineers in their respective fields.

While at the international level, said Irin, ITS AIChE also contributed positively by becoming a partner and working directly with one of the Ivy League members, namely AIChE Pennsylvania. Besides, aspects of the organization’s internal development, community service such as outreach and philanthropic projects, to contributions in the field of chemical engineering in a professional manner are also assessed aspects.

ITS AIChE also always prioritizes effective work ethics as an effort to improve the performance of each member. They use the #ExpandingExcellence tagline which is promoted in every activity. It was done to give the excellence of ITS AIChE to other engineers’ communities. “The aspect of professionalism, education, and outreach projects that make us different from other Student Chapters,” claimed Irin.

It also proves that the development of chemical engineering disciplines in Indonesia, especially in ITS can succeed in the international arena. This award also opens many doors to achieve opportunities available in the related fields. “We hope to continue this performance to the fullest so that it can be an example and give a good influence for other students to continue to give to the community,” he concluded. (lut/gayatri/ITS Public Relation)

The ITS AIChE administrators took a group photo after conducting the Professional Engineering Month training

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