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October 02, 2019 17:10

Win Again, ITS Got Hattrick at KMHE as General Champion

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The ITS energy-saving car team represented by Sapuangin Team and Nogogeni Team successfully maintained the KMHE General Champion title for three consecutive years

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is again proving its glory. Unmitigated, ITS managed to get hattrick by maintaining the general champion title at the 2019 Energy-Saving Car Contest (KMHE) which ended, Saturday (28/9) night.

This extraordinary achievement for ITS increasingly shows excellence in the field of energy-saving technology. ITS has successfully maintained its champion title for three consecutive years since 2017.

KMHE is a national-scale event organized by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) to compete with the energy-efficient car innovation made by students throughout Indonesia.

Sapuangin car when competing in the 2019 KMHE race track

Different from the previous years, this year, the winner of the KMHE General Champion was awarded the rotating trophy for the first time. The trophy was given directly to ITS as the first holder by the Head of the Sub-Directorate of Reasoning and Creativity, the Directorate of Student Affairs, the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs (Belmawa) Kemenristekdikti, Dr. Misbah Fikrianto MM Msi.

In the 2019 KMHE held at State University of Malang (UM), ITS carried four energy-efficient cars, represented by Sapuangin Team and Nogogeni Team. From these two teams, ITS managed to make four champions titles at once.

In the contest that took place since Tuesday (24/9), each car that was contested won the championship title. The ITS Nogogeni Team Supervisor, Dedy Zulhidayat Noor ST MT Ph.D. explained the first two titles were presented by Sapuangin Team with the urban diesel car and Nogogeni Team with the urban electric motor car. “Whereas the other two, namely the urban gasoline car owned by Sapuangin Team and the urban ethanol car owned by Nogogeni Team succeed in occupying the second position,” said the lecturer of the Industrial Mechanical Engineering.

Conducted earlier compared to the previous year, according to Dedy, the preparation of each team become shorter. As it is known, the two teams also recently just completed the 2019 Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) Asia competition last May in Malaysia. But this did not necessarily impede the steps of ITS representatives to compete in KMHE.

“In two months, we made a car development plan from the previous race evaluation, then divided the team’s work, to form a working timeline,” said Rafidah Farah Dhani, the Relations External Staff of Sapuangin Team.

According to Rafidah, her team also had encountered difficulty at the race track because the queue was too long. “The time to prepare the race in the paddock becomes shorter,” said the 2016 batch student.

However, Rafidah continued, Sapuangin managed to overcome the problem and complete the race. Sapuangin managed to occupy the second position with fuel consumption of 366.359 km/liter for the urban gasoline car category. In fact, in the new urban diesel category, Sapuangin managed to occupy the first position with fuel consumption of 241.775 km/liter.

The ITS Nogogeni Team poses after the awarding night of 2019 KMHE at the State University of Malang

Meanwhile, Nogogeni Team who competed in the urban electric motor category and urban ethanol category also achieved success. The victory is not just achieved.

Doni Kristiawan Geovano, the Media staff of the Nogogeni Team admitted that his team had experienced problems with the controller on the urban electric car. “The time is faster, the track is also on the highway, many elevation ups and downs,” he added.

The Nogogeni Team won first place in the urban electric motor car category with consumption of 151.077 km/kWh. Also, the team succeeded in occupying the second position with fuel consumption of 245.397 km/liter for the urban ethanol car category. Both cars managed to race 10 laps in less than 27 minutes, as required in the contest.

Doni admitted that this time the competition in KMHE was getting tougher. For this reason, the ITS team requires the evaluation and development of innovations. He revealed that the power transmission system from the automatic system will later be transformed into a manual system with multilevel speed. “To make it easier to stop and go and face the uphill terrain,” he explained.

Asked about the plans, Doni stated that he and the team will continue to evaluate every mistake in each race. It was done to be able to continue to develop and maintain the championship title. “We will continue to learn from mistakes, continue research, and continue to develop innovation,” concluded Doni. (yus/gayatri/ITS Public Relation)

The Nogogeni Team car when competing in the track at 2019 KMHE

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