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The Young Doctorate Optimizes The Benefits of Zircon Ceramics

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Musyarofah (center, blue veil) has finished her doctoral promotion session and graduated with cumlaude predicate

ITS Campus, ITS News – Various interesting researches continue to be presented by the academicians of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). This time, the young doctorate of the Masters to Doctoral Education Program for Superior Bachelor (PMDSU), Musyarofah, successfully completed her studies at the age of 28 years. In her dissertation, she managed to optimize the benefits of zircon ceramics (ZrSiO4).

Zircon Ceramics (ZrSiO4) is one of the functional material that exhibits superior thermomechanical character. Thus, zircon is believed to be a superior product for high-temperature application in industrial and structural. From there, Musyarofah believed that the processing of zircon sand into a more functional material needed to be done. “So, being able to provide economic and functional added value that is appropriate to its characteristics,” said the woman born in Pemalang.

According to her, she tried to use the natural zircon sand which is a waste from gold mining. Even if sold, zircon is more often used as a building material for Rp 5000,- per kilogram. If zircon is purified, it will provide functional value. “To be a high-density zircon ceramics,” she explained firmly.

Prof. Suminar Pratapa Ph.D. as promoter and supervisor of Musyarofah

The functional value of this product itself is described by Musyarofah, if it has been purified and formed as ceramic, it will have good mechanical and thermal properties. “Well, from here, it can be used as an insulator,” said the student of Prof. Suminar Pratapa Ph.D.’s guidance.

The direct impact that will be felt by the community is that Musyarofah utilizes by-products from the mine. Which is believed by Musyarofah that it will increase the activities of surrounding communities. On the other hand, in the industrial sector, in particular, the building materials such as ceramics will have a higher density and become a more capable insulator.

Musyarofah answered the attendees’ questions on her dissertation topic entitled Studies of Structural, Mechanical Properties, and Thermal properties of High-Density Zircon Ceramics

She chose zircon because in her current residence, Kalimantan, it would often be found in a former gold mine that was quite damaging to nature. The presence of residual sand around the former mine, which if examined contain high levels of zircon. “So in addition to the previous benefits, by optimizing my research, it certainly can help improve the environmental conditions around the mine that have been damaged,” she continued enthusiastically.

The unique thing about Musyarofah’s research is that in her research she used natural materials. Besides that, most people when making ceramics require very high temperatures, which is above 1400 degrees Celsius. Now with her method, Musyarofah only requires a temperature of 1250 degrees Celsius. “So the temperature is very low, with a high-density level,” she explained confidently.

Future Vision with Husband

Being a doctorate with the cumlaude predicate certainly makes Musyarofah able to compete to work in Java. However, from the beginning, she had established herself to accompany his husband to make a living in Kalimantan.

Musyarofah’s husband, Budi Prayitno, is a Chemistry lecturer at one of the universities in Bumi Borneo. To ITS Online, Budi told us that he felt proud of his wife’s achievements. “By becoming a doctorate at a young age, it will certainly be easier for us in the future,” he explained.

Musyarofah accompanied by her parents, her children, and her husband (first from left), Budi Prayitno

In terms of science, Budi hopes his wife can develop local potential in Kalimantan such as zircon. Since Budi was from Kalimantan, he is happy that the potential of his region can be lifted well. “From here, I hope that the potential of Kalimantan natural resources will be more beneficial for the wider community,” he concluded proudly. (dik/owi/gayatri)

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