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August 29, 2019 14:08

OMITS 2019 Improve Insights and Applied Mathematics Science

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The winners of Olimpiade Matematika ITS (OMITS) 2019 for Senior High School

ITS Campus, ITS News– Student Association of Mathematics Department (HIMATIKA) Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) re-held a prestigious mathematics competition of national scale. Olimpiade Matematika ITS (OMITS) 2019 this time involved more than 5000 participants from various levels of education, from elementary school to college. Not only competition but this year there are also mathematics seminars that also complement the OMITS 2019 series to improve the knowledge and application of mathematics

At the beginning of August 2019, in its 13th term this time, OMITS 2019 succeeded in implementing the mathematics Olympic preliminary round for elementary to high school students in 28 areas scattered in various cities in Indonesia and one online area. Meanwhile, the Mathematics ITS Calculus Competition (MISSION), a national calculus competition devoted to students is held in six regions and one online region.

Followed by 49 teams from elementary school, 50 teams from Junior High School and 53 teams from Senior High School, the semifinals of OMITS 2019 took place on Saturday (24/5). Housed in Department of Mathematics, semifinalists are the winners of each region and the highest rated winner in the national rankings. Ten best-value teams in the semi-finals for each stage then advance to the final.

In the final round held on Sunday (25/8), Elementary Students finalists competed in the Smart Math event while Junior and Senior High School finalists are scrambling to give the best presentation on solving the questions given by the jury. “For MISSION, the 15 best teams in the preliminary round to the finals and the presentation in front of the jury,” said Erlyne Nadhilah Widyaningrum, Coordinator Community Relations of OMITS 2019.

Encountered ITS Online, Students of Department of Mathematics 2017 This class explained that OMITS 2019 raised the theme of Magic or Miracle. “By using a magic spell, it is hoped to make mathematics as an applied science that continues to evolve with the development of the era,” she explained. This is in line with the aim of OMITS 2019 to provide insight into the profession and application of mathematics in the current era to the community.

As a manifestation of the miracle, OMITS 2019 presented a mathematics Seminar titled Mathematics Role in Industrial Revolution 4.0 held on Sunday (25/8). The first Seminar was held in the OMITS series presenting several expert speakers of the mathematics application. Among them are Bima Nitiditrisna, ASAI, Supervisor PT Asuransi MSIG Indonesia, Prof Dr. Hary Budiarto, MKom, Ahli Perekayasa Utama (APU) Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), and Dr. Budi Setiyono, SSi, MT, lecturer of Department of Mathematics ITS.

The Mathematic winners of ITS Calculus Competition (MISSION) OMITS 2019

Closing The OMITS 2019 series, The Wizarding Night-themed Gala Dinner held at The Graha Sawunggaling in Surabaya city government. From the college level, the MISSION competition was won by the team of Gadjah Mada University (UGM). In Elementary School competition were won by SD Luqman Al-Hakim, Junior High School level was won by Al-Hikmah Junior High School, as well as the Senior High School was won by Kristen Petra 2 Surabaya Senior High School. (yus/owi/rev)

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