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IMC 2019 Restore Youth Spirit Towards Maritime

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Participants when demonstrating expertise in paddling in a rowing race

ITS Campus, ITS News – the prestigious event of Indonesia Maritime Challenge (IMC) This year is again held by the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) and Surabaya Shipbuilding State Polytechnic (PPNS) which are incorporated in the Student Activity Unit (UKM) Maritime Challenge. This competition has takes time in three weeks since Saturday (3/8).

Chairman of the Committee IMC 2019, Rohim Ramadhan said, IMC 2019 wants to increase its scope to reach the national level. So, the annual event that has been implemented for four years since 2015 has chosen to keep two islands namely Karimunjawa Island and Parang Island. “The two islands are included to the Karimunjawa Islands, Jepara Regency, Central Java province,” said the student who is often called Rohim.

This year, the theme of IMC 2019 is to strengthen the cooperation of Indonesian youth through the development of technology and culture in the maritime sector. So it can make IMC as a useful event in the field of Indonesian maritime development by forming a community of maritime youth.

Rohim admitted that IMC is a means to restore the spirit of the youth to the sector of immigration. This event aims to establish cooperation between students and coastal communities. “Also, to help promote the island to known in the wider community,” said this student of the Department of Ocean Engineering.

Rohim (left) in IMC 2019 opening

Muhammad Rashif, chairman of the sponsorship department added, IMC 2019 followed by the Batiwakkal Borneo team from the Kalimantan Institute of Technology (ITK), Jalapati team of the Indonesian State Merchant Polytechnic (Polimarine) Semarang, the Regarda team Sunan Ampel State Islamic University (UINSA), Seguni team Hang Tuah University (UHT) Surabaya, Trunojoyo Octopus from Trunojoyo Madura University (UTM) team, and the Anchor team of Brawijaya University (UB).

Since 3 August 2019, the participants have landed in Parang Island to prepare for the race through training camp in order to run smoothly and there is also the realization of tools from the winner of technology for the country. “In the training camp is carried out training that will be contested such as man overboard, rowing, sailing, navigation, slalom race, ropework and the explanation about boat building, ” said Rashif.

Rashif said in this event, the participants participated in the sailing race which was a screen race in a particular track race and more emphasized the ability of the captain of the boat to read the wind direction to complete the triangle-shaped race track. Then the participants tested their ability to create strings and also explain the practical functions of the series of strings created that are packaged in a ropework race.

Participants when showing off in the Man Overboard race

There is also the Man Overboard race is a stunt race in rescuing one of the opponent crew who throws themselves into the sea and then returns the crew to the boat as quickly and safely as possible by using the paddle. “The team that is all over the ship is crossing the finish line first which is declared as champion of this category, ” said the student of the Departement of Naval Architecture.

Then each team tested its navigation capabilities such as determining the position of an object or boat in degrees, longitude, and latitude in the Navigation race. The participants also carried out the Dexterity test in paddle race on straight tracks along one nautical mile in a rowing race.

The display of strings in the ropework race

Rashif said, there is also a Boat Building which is a simple shipbuilding race with a single-person capacity. Then, the last main event is Slalom which is a test of dexterity in controlling the ship without using the steering wheel by having to pass the challenges.

There are several side events held, namely Traditional Boat Beauty Contest, Photography and Videography Contest, and Social Development. IMC 2019 also held a national seminar that themed technology development in the Digital Era challenges for the ability of the nation in the Maritime sector and the LKTI competition, Teknologi Untuk Negeri (TUN) at Diponegoro University (UNDIP), Semarang, Central Java. “There is also the beach clean up and mangrove planting on Parang Island,” said Rashif. (naj/owi/rev)

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