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Saturday, September 21, 2019
August 19, 2019 15:08

ITS New Students Help Increase Reading Interest in Indonesian Teenagers

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Mahardika Fahrudin Rois gives a plaque to the representatives of junior high school students who help make a successful GERIGI expression simulation 2019

ITS Campus, ITS News– Generasi Integralistik (GERIGI) Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) 2019 enters its second day. This time, ITS new student was given the challenge to increase the reading interest of Indonesian teenagers through Expression Simulation (Simeks) event. By inviting 200 junior high school students (SMP), ITS New students are doing Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme of finding reading interest, Saturday (17/8).

Expression Simulation by GERIGI ITS 2019 is an event where new students meet with junior high school students in Surabaya. This discussion is aimed to foster the reading interest in junior high school students. To define it, GERIGI ITS invites 200 junior high school students from 45 junior high schools Surabaya, the An-Nur Creative Junior High School, Sahabat Dormitory Semolowaru, Bani Yaqub Orphanage, and Al-Muttaqim orphanage.

Mahardika Fahrudin Rois, a representative of the Directorate of Student Affairs, gave the opening greetings that behind the facility there is currently a struggle for the predecessors. “Remember that to be able to sing two minutes of Indonesia Raya song and hoist the red-white flag it takes around 37 years since the establishment of the first organization that initiated Indonesia’s independence, Budi Utomo,” said the man who is familiarly called Puma.

Puma also said that at 1908 when Budi Utomo was formed which was then chaired by Dr. Soetomo, he still holds a new student title. This means that the position of ITS new student in 2019 is the same as Dr. Soetomo at that time. Where these times are the moments when the new students can make changes to the future of Indonesia. One of the things that students can improve is the literacy of Indonesian adolescents. This is the background of the Simeks.

The Simeks sessions are carried out in a spread where new students scatter their group towards dots at different angles. One of ITS new student, Maulida Meirisdiana, said that discussions which were held were discussing the goals and benefits of reading. According to her description, the discussion sessions focusing on many junior high school students were admitted they are still addicted to the game on gadgets. “Without all respect, we share each other’s experiences that can encourage junior high school students to enjoy reading,” said the new student of the Department of Information Technology.

As explained by Meidi Yahnti Tresna Nagari, First Secretary of GERIGI ITS, the reading interest in Indonesian teenagers is likely to decline. The youth in Indonesia who will continue the sticking relay of Nation leadership. Through this Simeks, Meidi hopes the awareness of the importance of literacy in adolescents can increase. “To improve the quality of human resources Indonesia,” he concluded. (ram/id/rev)

Mahasiswa baru ITS dan siswa SMP saat melakukan diskusi bertema Menemukan Minat Baca pada Gerigi ITS 2019

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