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ITS Robot Team Successfully Wins 14 Awards at FIRA in Korea

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ITS Robotics Team receives an award at the FIRA Roboworld Cup 2019 in South Korea

ITS Campus, ITS News – Surabaya, August 17, 2019. The greatness of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is again evident internationally. This time, it was proven by 14 awards in the international event of FIRA Roboworld Cup 2019 in Changwon, South Korea which ended on Friday (16/8).

The coach of ITS Robotics team, Muhtadin ST MT admitted, this competition is an annual robot race held by the Federation of International Robot-Sport Association. ITS send its three robot teams; flying robot Bayucaraka, Iris-wheeled soccer robot, and the humanoid soccer robot Ichiro.

In this world competition, Ichiro team and Iris team have achieved 12 and 2 awards each. Unfortunately, Bayucaraka team still not able to achieve the award on this occasion.

Ichiro Robot while doing a weightlifting race

The award from Ichiro Team includes 1st place in the category of Weightlifting Humanoid Robot, Penalty Kick Humanoid Robot, Sprint Humanoid Robot Adult Size, Obstacle Run Humanoid Robot Adult Size, Sprint Humanoid Robot KidSize, and Mini DRC Humanoid Robot KidSize. It also won 2nd place in Mini DRC Humanoid Robot Adult Size, Obstacle Run Humanoid Robot KidSize, Marathon Humanoid Robot Soccer Adult Size, and All Round Humanoid Robot Adult Size. And also 3rd place in Mini DRC Humanoid Robot KidSize and All Round Humanoid Robot KidSize.

Muhtadin also explained that the award that has been successfully achieved by the Ichiro team is not detached from any preparation, research, and some simulation that has been done to prepare this race. But there are some obstacles encountered. “So that it makes Ichiro Team lost more opportunities to receive the award,” said lecturer of Departement of Electrical Engineering.

Tim Ichiro receives an award from FIRA Roboworld Cup 2019 in South Korea

In marathon categories, Ichiro’s robot failed because it has the heaviest size among other robot participants. The size of the feet is so small that it causes difficulty to walk on a sloped path. “So the stability of the robot is very small,” he said.

In the future, Muhtadin says they will add sensors to the foot of the robot. So that Ichiro robot can adjust to the existing terrain. Nowadays Muhtadin claimed to have been researching it, but still not applied to the competition. “Hopefully, in the next competition can be applied,” he continued.

Iris Robot Team while competing

As for Iris Team, Muhtadin recognizes that his robot is already good when walking automatically. But when the race, the Internet or Wi-Fi network system is very crowded. While the device owned by team Iris is unable to connect at all. So the automatic function can not run at all.

This makes Iris Team must do everything manually. Nevertheless, Iris Team has won two awards; the second runner of Localization Challenge Robot Soccer and Passing Challenge Robot Soccer.

Certificate of award received by Iris Team

Meanwhile, the supervisor of Bayucaraka Team, Atar Fuady Babgei ST. MSc admitted that there was a technical obstacle to the team’s aircraft robot. One of the reasons is the existing field conditions. Because the surface condition in the race arena is smoother compared to the usual surface conditions. It makes sensors in the aircraft less precise. “So when the plane is flying its lose the balance,” he explained.

The man who is familiarly called the Atar reveals that it will be a very valuable experience for his team. “In the future, there will be an evaluation to prepare a national competition that we will be joining soon,” he said.

In fact, said Atar, in the robotics itself can’t be formed from only one point of view of science, it needs support and research on many aspects to develop. “Therefore, the whole robot team also said many thanks for all the parties to the various support in carrying either ITS name and the Indonesian nation,” he concluded. (sof/rev/ ITS Public Relations)

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