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Welcoming The Clean Energy Era, Cenits Holds an RTD

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Dr Ir Wahid Wahyudi MT, chairman of IKA’s PW Jawa Timur when delivering his speech

ITS Campus, ITS News – Developing Transportation by the Sustainable Cities and Communities is an important step to raise awareness of environmentally friendly energy issues. Addressing this, Cenits (Centre for Energy and Innovation Technology Studies) with ITS Alumni Association (IKA) of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Regional Board (PW) in East Java held a Round Table Discussion (RTD) with the theme Readiness to welcoming clean energy era and 5G technology in the transportation and industry sector at Nur Pacific Restaurant Surabaya, Saturday (10/8).

Chairman of Cenits, Soni Fahruri explained the number of ITS alumni who are working in the field of energy and desire to produce something useful for the nation of Indonesia is a thing that is behind the creation of Cenits. Cenits itself is a Think Tank Institution which was launched by alumnus of ITS on Tuesday (26/3) at the Fairmont Hotel Jakarta.

Soni, his familiar greeting, before organizing the RTD activities, the institution that encouraged the optimization of renewable energy has held limited discussions with the transport topic in last April. The event was held in Surabaya this time as a continuation of the discussion. Soni admitted this time Cenits wanted to solidify the discussion on transportation that was carried out before, especially in terms of electric transport.

“Moreover, last Monday (5/8) the Presidential Regulation (Perpres) has issued on the acceleration of the battery-based electric motor vehicle Program by President Joko Widodo as a law of electric motor vehicle (KBL),” he added.

In addition, Soni saw that it was an excellent opportunity for the domestic automotive industry in the future. According to the study and research of experts, in the year 2022 unmanned electric car (autonomous) will be mushed in various places in the world. “In some cities in the United States even today already use this technology,” said Soni.

The same thing is also expressed by Dr. Ir Wahid Wahyudi MT, the chairman of IKA ITS PW Jatim. According to the development of electric vehicles (EV), it should begin to improve. In addition to his enormous opportunity in the automotive industry, his contributions to eliminating the negative stigma of EV are indispensable.

The community worries about its untested distance, confusion about how to recharge, and the shape are still less cool compared to oil-fueled vehicles. “It makes 50 percent of the population of Indonesia who already know the existence of EV refused to buy it,” said Wahid.

At the RTD conducted at nine o’clock was attended by the Chairman of the Commission VII of the House of Representatives of Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI), Ir H M. Ridwan Hisjam as Keynote Speaker. The man who is familiarly called Ridwan told about his visit two weeks ago to Masdar City, a city with the concept of zero-carbon with modern transportation concept seen from the availability of the autonomous EV. Seeing this, he hopes that transportation in Indonesia can also rival Masdar City because he thinks the concept is safer, environmentally friendly and certainly more comfortable.

In addition, seeing the fact that in Indonesia, the loss of fuel wasted because of congestion according to the results of the research is as much as 56 trillion. Plus other external losses such as the impact on health and environmental conditions with polluted air from the use of oil fuels. “Of course it is quite a reason why the use of EV in Indonesia should be implemented immediately,” said Man who born Surabaya, 26 May 1958

He also appreciates the work of ITS Car-Research Holding Team namely ITS Sapuangin Team and Nogogeni Team which are also present in this activity. His Team will feature the Urban car Sapuangin Evo 2 and Sapuangin Speed 7 Formula Car who will compete at the Formula Student Japan by the end of this month. As for ITS Team, Nogogeni itself will display ITS electric urban car, Nogogeni V Evo.

“Therefore, we support the innovation of the campus with an energy-efficient vehicle such as the wind, or a vehicle that is a clean energy-fueled (Nogogeni and Anargya). We hope this innovation not only stops in the races, but there need to be further steps to benefit the results of the research on campus can be implemented, “said Ridwan, closed his speech.

In addition of presenting Ridwan, this activity also presents renewable energy and fossil energy activists derived from professionals, practitioners, academics, the executive of the state Owned enterprises (BUMN), and energy observers in Indonesia as Speaker in the RTD.

There are seven speakers in the discussion activities of clean energy and 5G technology, namely Agus Cahyono Adi as the head of Pusdatin Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Dwi Hary Soeryadi as the member of the National Power Board (DEN) 2014-2019, Kusdi Widodo as Vice President Commercial PT Pertamina Gas, Ir Wityanto as the lecturer and coach of the Wind sweep Team, Zainal Arifin as the chairman of PLN Electric Vehicle team, Abdullah Masyhuri as Head of solution and product system development SBU Transportation Telkom Metra, and Joegianto as Associate GM Business Development PT. Hartono Istana Technology (Polytron).

Led by M. Akbarul Syah Alam, as Vice President of Business Development of PT. Elnusa, which in RTD this time serves as the RTD Moderator discussed the existence of 5G technology that began to penetrate in the transportation and industrial sectors. In addition to discussing current issues on 5G technology, the RTD will also discuss transportation and industrial readiness in Indonesia regarding the readiness of welcoming the clean energy era. (rur/rev/ITS Public Relations)

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