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August 10, 2019 11:08

Anargya, ITS Electric Formula Car Ready to Compete in Student Formula Japan

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Electric Formula Car, Anargya EV Mark 1.0, during the trial after launched at ITS Rectorate area

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has again demonstrated its reliability in technological innovation. This time presenting an electric formula car named Anargya EV Mark 1.0 which was officially launched by ITS Rector, Prof Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng, in ITS Rectorate Building, Thursday (8/8).

The electric car made by the Anargya Team which was supervised by ITS Automotive Control and System Science and Technology Center (PUI-SKO) was prepared to participate in the 2019 Student Formula Japan (SFJ) competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) on the 27 – 31 August. The Anargya Team itself is one of the existing teams at ITS which concentrates in the field of an electric formula car.

ITS Rector, Prof Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng, gave a speech when launching the electric formula car ITS Anargya EV Mark 1.0

Through his speech, the rector who is commonly called Ashari explained, Anargya EV MARK 1.0 is the first electric formula car produced by ITS Anargya Team. The team designed, manufactured, and assembled most parts such as motors and control systems that will be used in the formula car.

Ashari also thanked the students in the Anargya Team who had struggled to spend their energy, time, and mind to build the masterpiece. Thank-you note also presented to the lecturers who always accompany the students throughout the process. “We all sat together and prepared to look forward to the proud moments with new achievements for ITS and also Indonesia,” said the professor of Electrical Engineering enthusiastically.

In this 2019 SFJ competition, the Anargya Team will represent Indonesia in the formula category with the power of electric mobility. The competition itself will be participated by participants from various countries such as Japan, India, Taiwan, and Thailand. However, teams from Indonesia are still have not received many awards. “Hopefully in this year’s participation, one of them through this Anargya Team, we can give the best results by getting the highest podium,” he said optimistically.

Alief Wikarta ST. MSc Eng Ph.D. as the coach of the team explained the electric formula car Anargya EV Mark 1.0

The coach of the Anargya Team, Alief Wikarta ST MSc Eng Ph.D., explained that the work had been made was the result of the hard work of ITS students who are from several departments. It is a real contribution from the students to ITS and also Indonesia, as well as affirming the name of ITS in terms of the development of electric vehicles. “Thanks to related parties especially sponsors who have helped provide a lot of financial assistance,” he added.

Alief also explained that this electric formula event was a stepping stone, in which the students will have the target to build a vehicle that capable move on its own or autonomous vehicle. When it was realized, they could participate in similar competitions in Germany later. “If this year’s competition is going well, hopefully, we can compete in similar competition at the autonomous vehicle category in Germany,” he hopes.

Technically speaking, according to Alief, Anargya EV Mark 1.0 is quite special. For the car body, between the frames and the body are made using carbon fiber material. Likewise, with the electric motor and the control system, both components are their product which is the result of research from PUI-SKO ITS. “Both the hardware and the software are the direct research results of ITS,” he said proudly.

Alief Wikarta ST MSc Eng explained technically the components in the Anargya EV Mark 1.0 to ITS Executive Board

For information, in the previous 2018 SFJ event, besides the gasoline-fueled Sapuangin Speed formula car, ITS also sent a formula electric car named Carstensz from ITS Formula Electric Team. The difference for the electric car from the Anargya Team was used more component of its research results.

Anargya EV Mark 1.0 uses a maximum battery capacity up to 304 volts and uses a 72 Kilowatt power electric motor. With this capacity, Anargya EV MARK 1.0 is predicted to be able to travel a distance of 75 meters in just five seconds with a maximum speed of 100 km/hour. For the types of batteries used, the type is Lithium Polymer, where this type of battery can provide a great power when running at the start.

“We made this battery capability to last for approximately 30 minutes during the race,” said Alief. The team itself also works with certain parties in the procurement of batteries, for ITS itself is more focused on the management of the battery so that one cell with another cell does not occur inequality of use during the race. All these aspects will be adjusted to the technical procedures and distance traveled.

According to the Anargya Team Manager, Joel Darren Permana, his colleagues have been working extra to actualize their goals together. Although constrained by the limited time and devices that are made independently, but they managed to complete their work within a year.

The manufacture of this car is expected to show that undergraduate students can also make electric cars, and also show that ITS is a leading university in researching the field of electric cars. “Hopefully we can give the best results for alma mater and the nation,” he concluded. (lut/gayatri/ITS Public Relation)

ITS Executive Board and Anargya Team along with newly launched electric formula car Anargya EV Mark 1.0

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