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The Third Best Student of Outstanding Student Award For Undergraduate Program 2019

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Muhammad Afif Purwandi won the third best predicate in the National Outstanding Student election 2019 for undergraduate program

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) re-established a proud record at the prestigious National Outstanding Student Elections (Pilmapres) undergraduate and national level Diploma program in 2019. In the title of Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs (Belmawa), the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (KEMENRISTEKDIKTI), ITS student named Muhammad Afif Purwandi succeeded to achieve the third-best predicate in Scholars.

In this event, 30 finalists followed the final stage of the National Outstanding Student Elections 2019. They come from various Indonesian colleges consisting of 15 undergraduate and 15 graduate students. Muhammad Afif Purwandi managed to set aside the other finalists after going through various aspects of the assessment used by the judges.

In the final phase, there are three main assessment aspects used in selecting the finalists. It is the assessment of excellent works, writings, and English proficiency. For excellent work, the finalists are selected by a group of up to 10 achievements, awards, and leadership ever before.

For the assessment aspect of the work, the student who often called Afif use his achievements in the Asia Pacific MUN Conference (AMUNC). “AMUNC is the toughest competition and gives a profound impression because it can give an Honorable Mention for ITS,” said the student from Industrial Engineering Departement.

In the second aspect of the assessment, the paper was initiated by each finalist. This aspect is about the paper assessment and the presentation of scientific writings. This year, the scientific work initiated about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The lifting point is on the utilization of technology and the development of innovations that can have a positive impact in a broad scope.

For the latter aspect, it is related to active english proficiency. Here, Afif tested his ability by doing impromptu speech delivered for seven minutes. He got a topic about the development of renewable energy in Indonesia, especially related to the utilization of wind, geothermal, and solar energy as the source. “We are also assessed personalities by psychologists, especially in daily activities and interview process,” added this 2016 student.

In the results of the assessment, Afif is classified as an individual who can align the entire category well, and it is that which makes Afif can finally explore the podium of the National Outstanding Student Elections this year. To him, all finalists have an excellent profile. There is no significant difference between one finalist and the other, as the whole finalist is the best representative selected from each university.

Finalists of the National Achievement student election 2019 photographed together after rigorous selection to the final stage

In the future, Afif will focus on improving the capabilities of the professional experience and developing the network. Some self-development activities such as Young Leaders for Indonesia by McKinsey & Company are the strategic steps he will follow. Besides, Afif also intends to share his experiences and achievements that he can through positive activities such as seminars, workshops, and others.

Afif also thanked his academic civitas in particular to the lecturer and all parties who helped in the process of this National Outstanding Student Elections. “I think this is not only an individual award for me because it is a lot of parties that help to smooth in the whole process,” he said.

In the end, Afif has a message to always balance the ability of intarkulikuler, co-curricular, and extracurricular. Achieve good predicate for academic and non-academic achievement. Because, according to him, when able to mastes in the three areas, soft skills and hard skills that are capable and balanced can be achieved. “Hopefully this award can scent ITS good name and print out the next generation of diamonds,” the concluded is full of hope. (lut/rev/ITS Public Relation)

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