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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
July 31, 2019 16:07

ITS as Fourth-Best College in The Webometrics Version

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The Secretary of ITS, Dr. Dra Agnes Tuti Rumiati MSc

ITS campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has improved quality on all aspects of its own to always be one of the best colleges in the homeland. The result was seen in Webometrics 2019 rankings which were released this July, ITS success in the fourth position of the best college in Indonesia.

As information, Webometrics is one device or system to measure or assess the progress of all the best colleges in the world (World Class University) through the universities website. Assessment to determine the ranking is done annually, including for universities in Indonesia.

ITS Secretary of the Institute, Dr. Dra Agnes Tuti Rumiati declared, ranks this year as the best achievement of ITS in Webrometrics over the past six years. “Since 2014, ITS rankings have always increased every year,” said the woman who is familiarly called Tuti. Last year, ITS ranked 7th in Webometrics national level.

In addition to the website, academic factors also become a big influence on this Webometrics process. Tuti admits already a lot of strategies is done to improve ITS quality which also affects ITS ranking both nationally and internationally.

Tuti explains ITS website it has provided all possible information needed by everyone. Like information about academics, cooperation, research, and more. “Of course it is a great potential for ITS to be able to promote itself to outside parties,” she reminds.

Besides, according to Tuti, ITS website has also been set up to have the default display (standard) with English on all existing information. It will later make it easier for foreigners who want to know more about ITS online.

This Women from Mojokerto also mentioned that in the management and development of this website involve many people, ranging from students, education personnel (staff), lecturers, and others and all the departments and faculties that exist in ITS environment.

As in terms of programming, conducted by the Directorate of Technology Development and information Systems (DPTSI), ITS and web design problems were directed by the team of Visual Communication Design (DKV) ITS. As for the content on the Web is assisted by various related elements that exist in ITS.

There is also a Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) on the ITS website. All pages of each department, faculty, or others should bring out a design that is already identical to ITS. “So when the public access it, already know that it is ITS’s design,” she said while smiling.

Therefore, Tuti feels salute and many thank all parties who participated in the development of this website. “When there is a problem or thing that is not appropriate, then also they immediately resolve it quickly,” said the department of Statistics lecturer.

ITS Website also always renews all information. In addition to the news published daily, information about departments, units, faculties, and others is also always updated within a certain period. “It aims so that visitors of ITS website are not easily bored when accessing it,” she said.

In this breakdown of Webrometrics 2019 rating, Tuti admits that ITS still weak in terms of openness. Therefore, the future ITS will more be detailing the roar of all information that can be accessed by the full Internet users.

One of them is about the laboratory information in ITS. Because there are about 180 laboratories in ITS, so to make a presentation of detailed information certainly requires a lot of energy. But if it is successful, it will facilitate the researchers or others around the world to know more about the facilities or research in the laboratory at ITS.

Going forward, Tuti states ITS will never cease to improve its quality in all aspects. Whether it be in research, academic, achievement, and delivering information to the general public and others. (sof/rev/Public Relation ITS)

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