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May 22, 2019 18:05

Reading Interest Problems in Indonesia (Book Day Opinion)

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ITS Campus, Opinion – Mohammad Hatta claimed to be willing to be imprisoned as long as he had a book with him because with the book he was free. Unfortunately, not everyone is like Hatta. Instead of feeling free over the existence of a book, the majority of Indonesians today feel imprisoned while in the library. The same object, but has a very different impact on the user.

The expression, “You are what you read,” in my opinion is not a mere joke. Books are a series of sentences that are able to change human character and mindset in living the values ​​of life. However, what happens if you don’t have an interest in reading any book?

Almost everyone believes in the good that is contained in a book. However, not a few people actually regard books as boring and uninteresting reading. Oftentimes, people are more comfortable looking at their mobile phone for hours than reading a book even if it’s only one sheet. This explains enough why the book is getting away from the lifestyle of the Indonesian people.

This is justified by research from Central Connecticut State University in March 2016, which placed Indonesia ranked 60th out of 61 countries in terms of public interest in reading. In fact, Indonesia’s ranking is above European countries in terms of assessing supporting interest in reading infrastructure ( This indicates that the main cause of the low reading interest of Indonesian people is indeed assumed by their own willingness.

Besides that, there are also problems in people’s mindsets that make them reluctant to read. The mindset of reading just for a hobby is still often heard in our ears. This point of view becomes the excuse of someone not wanting to read just because it is not his hobbies. In fact, it is undeniable that reading is the key to knowledge storehouse which should be a condition for the future progress of humanity.

Though reading habits have proven to lead many people towards the path of success, for example, Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft. It was mentioned that Gates used to spend most of his time reading. In fact, Bill Gates himself claimed to be able to read more than 50 books every year. Thanks to this habit, he can change the world through his visionary thoughts.

In my own belief, the first word revealed in the scriptures reads, “Read it!”. A simple, yet firm word. This command emphasizes that reading should not only be limited to a hobby, but also as one of the obligations in life.

Wening Vio Rizqi Ramadhani
Undergraduate Student of ITS Urban and Regional Planning Department

Translated by Herdiana.


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