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Antasena ITS Team Break Trough DWC 2019 Grand Final to Represent Asia

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Antasena Team honoured as Most Innovative Hydrogen Fuel Cell Newcomer

ITS Campus, ITS News – After winning Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) Asia 2019 competition, energy-efficient car team of ITS, Antasena, make their way to Drivers’ World Championship (DWC) Grand Final 2019 in London.

Antasena team with their hydrogen fueled energy-efficient car take the second position on DWC Asia 2019 in Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia on Thursday, 2nd of May 2019. DWC Asia is the following competition after SEM Asia 2019. With this position, Antasena Team will represent Asia in DWC 2019 Grand Final along with Nanyang E drive team from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore and LH-EST team from Lac Hong University Vietnam. The grand final of DCW 2019 will be held in London on the 1st of July 2019.

In the previous competition SEM Asia 2019, Antasena team is a newcomer participant. After taking a break for a quite long time, they steal the second position in the Urban Concept category for hydrogen fuel class. Meanwhile, another energy-efficient car team of ITS, Sapuangin team and Nogogeni team take the first position on gasoline fuel class and second position on electrical car class.

Antasena Car ready on the start line during  DWC Asia 2019

The general manager of Antasena team, Ghalib Abyan, claimed that he didn’t predict they can represent Indonesia in the DWC competition. “Our target was only to finish in the top three of Hydrogen Urban Concept SEM Asia, so we are not expected to break through the DWC in London,” the student of ITS Material Engineering Department further claimed during the call interview.

He exclaimed there were many challenges that his team need to face on the Sepang International Circuit. The temperature reached 35-celsius degree that possibly affecting the Antasena car performance. “Besides that, there were many road climbs on the track and it was long which can be dangerous for energy-efficient car,” Ghalib exclaimed.

Ghalib and his team were pessimistic looking at the condition of the track. “But with good teamwork, preparation, and motivation from Antasena team, we can reach a high goal,” he said gratefully.

Antasena Team break trough DWC 2019 Grand Final in London to represent Asia

The general manager of Antasena team said that the team is confident for the upcoming competition in DWC London. Antasena team will be able to show a better performance because the temperature in London is lower and the track arena is friendlier. “With that condition, we believe we will get a better result,” he said confidently.

As for Nogogeni and Sapuangin team are not yet able to break through the top three. This also due to the DWC regulation where only one team from each university allowed to continue to the grand final of DWC in London.

This achievement is a glorious and surprising one thinking that Antasena team that participated in SEM Asia for prototype period had been taken a break for a quite long time. Moreover, this time Antasena team given the honor for Most Innovative Hydrogen Fuel Cell Newcomer by Linde.

Antasena Team show their joy when they managed to break through DWC 2019 Grand final in London to represent Asia

An even bigger surprise is the fact that Antasena team got the ticket to the DWC 2019 Grand Final in London. Last year ITS was represented by Sapuangin team to fight on DWC grand final. This year Antasena will also be hoping for another success.

Antasena ITS team, driven by Yoga Mugiyo Pratama that also a student from Material Engineering Department of ITS, becoming the only team from Indonesia that makes to the DWC grand final. (sof/ITS Public Relations Officer/yuliawati)

Antasena team celebrates their success for breaking trough DWC 2019 Grand Final in London

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