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April 21, 2019 11:04

ITS Department of Information System Inaugurates Student Center and Plaza

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ITS Rector when cutting the ribbon marked the inauguration of the student center and plaza with the Head of the Informatics Department, the Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FTIK), and Prof. Ir Supeno Djanali MSc PhD

ITS Campus, ITS News – The need for socializing spaces among students is huge. In response to these needs, the Department of Information, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) established the Student Center and Prof. Supeno Plaza. Now, the two containers have been completed and have been inaugurated directly by the ITS Rector, Prof. Ir Joni Hermana MScES PhD Monday, (8/4).

It is undeniable that student activities on campus are almost 24 hours a day. Starting from the activities of the association, the community, to group work carried out by many students, as well as the ITS Department of Informatics students. Answering this need, the Student Center and Plaza Prof. Supeno were built.

Naming the Prof Supeno Plaza itself is nothing but referring to Prof. Ir Supeno Djanali MSc PhD. According to the Head of the Informatics Engineering Department, Dr. Eng Darlis Herumurti SKom MKom, the figure of Supeno is the founding father of the ITS Information Department. To appreciate his services, the name Supeno was used as the name of the plaza.

The man who is familiarly called Darlis explained that the Student Center consists of two floors with different functions. “The first floor contains a cafeteria with a self-service system, while the second floor is designed to be a reading room and a 24-hour open study room,” said Darlis.

Dr. Eng Darlis Herumurti SKom MKom, Head of the ITS Informatics Department when he was at the ITS Department of Information Cafeteria Student Center

The self-service system in the student center cafeteria, continued Darlis, is useful for training student independence. For example, buyers are required to return used food and drink to containers provided after they finish eating food and / or drinks. “In addition to encouraging students not to continue to rely on others, this also makes it easier for employee to clean it,” he explained.

In addition to its own service system, another interesting thing is that payments at the student center cafeteria are equipped with non-cash payment instruments. With the non-cash payment method, difficulties in giving a refund can be reduced so that it does not take time and speed up the queue. In this case, the Department of Information ITS cooperates with OVO as a service provider.

ITS Informatics Engineering Library Staff, Eva Mursidah AMd, explained that the reading room and study room were open in the student center equipped with complete facilities. “In the reading room, a computer connected to the internet is provided, local works in the form of final assignments for the last two years, and convenient rooms for learning. The 24-hour open study room is also equipped with tables, chairs, shelves containing books, and internet access,” he said.

A new portrait of the reading room of the ITS Informatics Department

With a construction time of approximately four months, the student center building was completed at the end of 2018 and infrastructure was completed by the end of March. On the other hand, Plaza Supeno has already been completed and has even been used as a place to socialize for student activities. But the Informatics Department chose to form it simultaneously.

At the inauguration, the Rector of ITS also directly reviewed the Prof. Supeno student center and Plaza accompanied by the Head of the Informatics Engineering Department and the academic community of the ITS Faculty of Information Technology (FTIK). Joni’s happy expression appeared when he toured the facilities in both places in the future which would support the student’s activities.

Joni hopes that this update can be utilized properly by students so that it can enhance creativity and innovation. “Hopefully students can comfortably undergo their studies at ITS, and this room is able to become the right socializing place for students,” he concluded. (ram/id/michelle)

ITS Rector when directly reviewing the Student Center and Prof. Supeno’s Plaza

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