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ITS Agrees on Double-Degree Cooperation with Chongqing University China

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ITS collaboration with Chongqing University is expected to have a positive impact on both parties

ITS Campus, ITS News – To support the vision as World Class University, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has strengthened international cooperation with various foreign universities again, especially in the Asian region. One of them is the cooperation of the double-degree program by collaborating with Chongqing University, China, which was marked by the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), Thursday (4/4), at ITS Rectorate Building.

The signing was carried out by ITS Chancellor Prof. Ir Joni Hermana MSc ES PhD and Chongqing University Executive Dean of College, Prof. Ming K Lim. The collaboration of the double-degree program is applied for the master degree (master) precisely with the ITS Technology Management Master Program (MMT).

Prof. Ir Joni Hermana MSc ES PhD as ITS representative signed the MoU with Chongqing University

In his presentation, Joni said that collaboration with Chongqing University was a very good step for both parties. This is certainly supported by the entry of Indonesia as one of the countries that is part of the One Belt One Road (OBOR) program which is also being implemented by the Chinese government in the education sector.

In line with this, Prof. Ming K Lim explained that with the OBOR, it would enable the opening of a wider world trade route, especially in Asian and European countries. “This also provides convenience to the education sector, especially in establishing cooperation,” he said.

Prof. Ir Joni Hermana MSc ES PhD and Prof. Ming K Lim having a warm conversation before the signing of the MoU

ITS as a campus that prioritizes aspects of innovation and research has also gained a good reputation in the international arena. Some of his researches in the field of engineering and also technology management are able to be accepted and used as references for further research and become the basis of the government in making decisions. “Therefore, we are interested in strengthening the relationship while establishing collaboration with ITS,” he explained.

Some other factors are China has some similarities with Indonesia, especially in terms of culture. Chongqing University offers a good learning environment, accommodation, apprenticeship programs, and halal restaurants and canteens for Muslim students. This is certainly based on a large number of Muslim students at Chongqing University.

More specifically, this cooperation program is carried out between the Chongqing University Logistics Engineering Program and the ITS MMT Study Program. Later, there will be a kind of student exchange where Chongqing University will provide educational scholarship assistance for one year of lecture for international students including ITS who are interested in this program. “After graduating, the student will get a master double-degree study in logistic engineering or Mechanical Engineering,” he said enthusiastically.

Students who come will be given direct guidance and supervision on the work of their thesis. When the thesis is completed, it will be published in an international journal. Then, from this cooperation, it is hoped that not only students will increase knowledge, but also from educators for both parties. It also does not rule out the possibility to continue cooperation at the doctoral level.

For the next step, this cooperation program will be implemented immediately to attract the interest of students and educators who want to be involved. Prof. Ming K Lim also hopes that a joint study center will be formed which enables both parties to collaborate in terms of research in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Technology. “Hopefully this collaboration will run well and be able to have a positive influence on the development of these two institutions,” he concluded. (lut / owi / Anjani)

MoA document signed by both parties


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