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Meet The Team Behind ITS Sapuangin’s Success

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Good teamwork is one of the team’s strong points

ITS Campus, ITS News – The existence of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Sapuangin Team is closely linked to the members of Machine Student Workshop Institute (LBMM). Their roles in inventing ideas and handling the initial formation of the team were an eventful experience that simply cannot be dismissed or forgotten. So, who are they and what’s the story behind their hardwork?

In the beginning, the Sapuangin team was formed in 2009 as a preparation for the Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) competition in 2010. “Our motivation to form this team is to apply the knowledge that has been obtained, and also, as part of our contribution to create an energy-efficient cars for the university and the country,” said Vito Hanif Addinuri who was entrusted as a non-technical manager of ITS Sapuangin Team.

Vito revealed that in Sapuangin team, they self-taught themselves in making products. He said that team members used the competition break to learn as much as possible. “Team members take the initiative to learn from seniors who are experts in their fields, both theoretically (in the headquarters) and practically (in the workshop),” Vito explained.

Vito also added that the team’s alumni also played a big role for the team. The results of car development research and the calculation of data from year to year are compiled in one hard disk to be used as inventory, so it can be studied as future reference. “This team focuses with the mindset of problem-solving and direct execution. Hopefully, this method can make us be psychologically and mentally stronger when competing directly in the contest,” Vito said straightforwardly.

When practicing in the workshop, the team usually starts from 10 pm until 2 am in the morning. When the competition’s schedule draws near, it is not uncommon for them to work overtime and stay in Sapuangin’s workshop until the next day.

Vito recounts sometimes the process of working and testing the car does not run smoothly. Often, some unexpected conditions such as broken machines, jammed transmission systems, torn tires, and accidents that injure drivers are encountered. Even so, the team always tries to get up and evaluate every failure that occurs. “For us, this failure is a trial and error process that will help a lot when facing the competition directly,” he explained.

Although work in the Sapuangin team requires a lot of time, academic obligations remain a top priority. For this reason, the biggest challenge for members of the Sapuangin team is managing time. To overcome this, they agreed to maximize their study time from morning until late afternoon. At night, they focused on work in the workshop. “There are no activities that interfere with class schedules. We also consider the personal time of each member so their personal rights are met,” he said.

For this reason, during the recruitment stage, the team member priorities candidates who can manage their personal affairs and have qualified technical capabilities. In addition, they also only choose candidates who have responsibilities, as well as high work ethics. “Members who are part of the team are not only limited to Mechanical Engineering students. The team is also open to all ITS students who meet the required criteria,” Vito explained.

They went through the tireless struggle as a form of pride and responsibility for students to be able to contribute. “The biggest target we want to achieve is to fly the Indonesian flag on the highest podium especially for competitions at the international level. Besides that, the obligation to maintain achievements that have been achieved before at national level is also our target. Please pray for us so we can give our best contribution for the almamater and the nation, “he concluded. (ion15/gol/fer)

The Sapuangin Team’s car that competed in KMHE 2017 competition

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