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October 17, 2018 20:10

ITS Received Nine Medals at International Events

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The ITS team won 9 medals at the International Young Inventors Awards (IYIA) 2018

ITS Campus, ITS News – Seven contingent teams from the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya managed to bring home nine medals at the 2018 5th International Young Inventors Awards (IYIA), on September 22 at Inna Grand Bali Beach Sanur, Bali . In this prestigious event, each team showed their best innovation ideas and products

The seven teams are from different departments. Four teams from the Chemistry Department, two teams from the Aryaraka Industrial Chemical Engineering Team, and one other team from the Material Engineering Antenna Team. From the acquisition of nine medals from ITS contingents, three of them were gold medals.

Two gold were contributed by two teams from the Chemistry Department at once. The first gold was presented by a team consisting of Alvin Romadhoni Putra, Rahardian Abdul Rachman, Ulva Tri Ita Martia, Wulan Aulia, Alvin Rahmad Widyanto, Wahyu Ariffianto and Anggi Putri Anafiesma. This team initiated the storage of hydrogen from carbon which was tempted by the Zeolite KTZ.

Furthermore, the second gold was obtained from the innovative Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) this inovation is the mainstay of the team that chaired by Wulan Aulia. “Very happy to be able to compete in the international arena, especially when our team managed to present a gold medal for ITS,” said the student who is usually called Wulan.

Even so, Wulan continued, this success was not the end of her team’s struggle, because there were still many processes that should be further developed later. Not only gold medals, two other teams from the Chemistry Department also managed to donate silver medals.

While the third gold medal was won by ITS from the Material Engineering Antenna Team. In this four-day event, the Antasena Team carried three works at once namely Antasena Carbon Wheels, Antasena Vledee A-1 and Antasena Al-Air Battery P-1. Through these three innovative works, two of them each received one bronze medal.

Meanwhile, another silver and bronze medal was successfully brought home by the Aryaraka Team thanks to the idea of processing industrial waste into biogas and processing of bilga water by electrocoagulation using an aluminum electrode. (cha/ITS Public Relations Officer)

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