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How to Save Yourself When There is an Earthquake

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ITS Campus, ITS News – Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Disaster Mitigation Expert, Dr Ir Amien Widodo MSi said that the number of earthquake victims could actually be minimized by properly debriefing people how to save themselves when an earthquake occurred. Unfortunately, despite living in one of the areas with the most active seismic activity on earth, socialization of self-protection is still very minimal.

In addition, a taboo culture to discuss natural disasters among the community also inhibits the socialization. “In fact, in Japan, starting from kindergarten children, students, adults, to the disabled, they have been trained with a way to save themselves when an earthquake occurs,” said Amien, as he greeted the ITS Online crew on Thursday (30/8).

The man who was also the author of the book “Bencana Kita Kenal, Kita Selamat” (Knowing The Disasters, We will be Safe) explained, there are several things that can be done to protect themselves when an earthquake occurs. First, when you are indoors, you should take shelter under the table and cover your head with the nearest object. “The principle is, drop, cover, hold,” he explained while showing a style of self-protection.

Sheltering under the table, said Amien, is highly recommended when you are on the upper floor of a multi-storey building or too far away to go out looking for a field. “Because, we do not know whether there will be aftershocks or not because there are types of earthquakes that can overthrow people while it is running,” explained the ITS Geophysics Engineering Lecturer.

However, if it is possible to leave the house, Amien suggested finding a field that is free from electricity poles or trees. In addition, Amien continued that those who live in an earthquake-resistant buildings can take shelter in the corner of the building. “Earthquake-resistant buildings are designed with a sturdy iron frame for each side, so that when an earthquake happens, only the iron will be swayed and the walls won’t break down,” he said.

Meanwhile, if you are inside a vehicle, people who live in areas with high earthquake track records are advised to stay in the car. This was explained by Amien to anticipate the risk of being hit by a collapsed car. “However, if historically, the earthquakes happened in small scale, then people should still go out and look for a field,” he added. (lys/owi)

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