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July 11, 2018 07:07

ITS Solar Boat Wins the 3rd Prize of Solar Sport One in Netherlands

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ITS Solar Boat Team, Jalapatih, did a celebration after standing as the 3rd winner in Solar Sport One 2018 in the Netherlands.

ITS Surabaya, ITS News – Another prestigious achievement was made by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) students in the international arena. It was presented by Jalapatih Team, with a solar-powered boat, incorporated in ITS Marine Solar Boat Team (MSBT) which successfully won the 3rd place in Top Speed Record category at Solar Sport One 2018 in Groningen, Netherlands, Monday (9/7) ) local time.

Served for four days from Wednesday (4/7), Jalapatih Team with their third boat generation (Jalapatih 3) had to fight in a competition that took place in several cities in the Netherlands. Solar Sport One itself is a competition for solar-powered vessels held by Solar Sport One Foundation and followed by 29 teams from eight countries. This 2018 event is the third time for ITS to participate, after sending its representatives in 2014 and 2016.

In the Top Speed Record category conducted in the city of Groningen, ITS got the third best position of 21 participating teams. Jalapatih 3 managed to break the speed up to 23.5 km/hour. These results make ITS defeat other teams from the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, and Portugal. The ITS ranking is also at the top among teams in Asia.

In the Stage (s) category from Esonstêd city to Leeuwarden city, Jalapatih 3 is able to sail as far as 39 kilometers constantly. “At that time the weather conditions are a very minimal intensity of sunlight,” said Fadilah Kurnia, manager of ITS Marine Solar Boat Team when contacted via online message, Tuesday (10/7).

Jalapatih 3 solar boat prepare for the race in Solar Sport One 2018 in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, in the Sprint race category is performed twice in Groningen and Leeuwarden. “In Groningen, we managed to complete the race with the acquisition time of 15 seconds and entered the top six,” said the student who is usually called Fadil, proud. In the Sprint category in Leeuwarden, Jalapatih 3 was able to finish with two minutes and get into the top 10.

However, told Fadil, the struggle to get the champion not passed Jalapatih smoothly. “There are many problems that we encountered such as the health conditions of team members who have to spend the night in the cold camping site, as well as the lack of intensity of sunlight during the race,” explained student of the ITS Department of Marine Engineering.

The Jalapatih 3 solar boat is sailing on the river in the race.

“We realize this result is far from perfect, but we are quite proud because of the very rapid development of the previous competition in 2016,” said Fadil. Quoting the message of ITS Rector, Prof. Ir Joni Hermana MScES PhD, that the most important thing in a competition is the process and its learning, making Fadil and team believe that slowly but surely Indonesia can be the best in the next opportunity.

Not to ignore, Fadil expressed his gratitude to all parties who have helped the team so that the competition can run easily. “Especially to parents, the leadership of ITS, supervisors, MSBT family, partners, and sponsors who always support Jalapatih team,” said Fadil.

The Jalapatih team also expressed his appreciation to the parties who have come directly to assist the team during their stay in the Netherlands. “The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Den Haag, Mr. Din Wahid as Educational and Cultural Affairs, our lecturer Mr. Indrajaya who also attended the race to support, Indonesian and Suriname citizens who helped the team in terms of logistics and accommodation,” he concluded gratefully. (id/ITS Public Relation Officer)

Jalapatih 3 solar boat while down the river in Groningen, The Netherlands.

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