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June 25, 2018 12:06

ITS Ichiro Team Wins RoboCup 2018 in Canada

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ITS Ichiro Team succeeded in RoboCup Humanoid League 2018 in Canada

Montreal, ITS News – Satisfactory results were achieved by Ichiro soccer robot team from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya, Indonesia. After competing against top teams from around the world, ITS Ichiro team won the first place of Humanoid League Teen Size Soccer category in RoboCup 2018 world soccer robot competition in Montreal, Canada which ended on Thursday (21/6) local time.

Unmitigated, ITS Ichiro team able to bring the name of Indonesia in the international arena by winning four awards in a competition that took place since June 15, 2018. There are various categories that are contested in RoboCup 2018. Among others are RoboCup Soccer, RoboCup Rescue, RoboCup @Home, RoboCup Industrial, and RoboCup Junior.

This football robot match is also divided by several categories according to the size of the robot. With a height above 80 cm, Ichiro humanoid robot classified into the Teen size category. In this teen-size robot match, only three robots are allowed to play in the field. That is two players and one goalkeeper.

Long week in Canada, Ichiro team finally managed to realize their dream to become champion in this prestigious event. Ichiro team supervisor, Muhtadin ST MT explained, indeed tucked a prayer in the name of the team that he accompanied. “Ichiro is an acronym of ITS Champion in RoboCup,” he explained. By repeatedly giving thanks, finally, the big dream of ITS successfully achieved in 2018.

ITS Ichiro Team in action in the competition arena.

In the preliminary round, with a result of four wins and one defeat, ITS Ichiro must be complacent as being second below Iran’s MRL HSL. At the previous stage, Ichiro won against AMN United (Canada) with a score of 2 – 0, Nu Bots (Australia) 3-0, WF Wolves (Germany) 1 – 0, and Edrom (Brazil) 5 – 0. Ichiro Team only lost once from MRL HSL (Iran) with a score of 1 – 3.

“This strong enough team won five times without losing. As a result, in the standings Ichiro score far enough that is 9 while MRL HSL has 20, “said Muhtadin who contacted via online message, Friday (22/6).

There are four teams that finally qualify for the elimination round namely Nu Bots from Australia, WF Wolves from Germany, MRL HSL from Iran and Ichiro himself. The four teams then compete for one on one. “Ichiro met with WF Wolves, while MRL HSL played against Nu Bots,” he explained.

He said, in the preliminary round, Ichiro has managed to beat WF Wolves with a score of 1 to 0. Having understood the condition of the opponent’s robot, when meeting in the semi-final match, it is easy for Ichiro to defeat him with a score of 2-0.

Although in the previous match MRL HSL look stunning with breaking Nu Bots goalkeeper five times without reply, Ichiro not receding. Optimistically, ITS’s human-footed robot strolled into the final round and won victory over MRL HSL.

ITS Ichiro team facing opponents in Robocup 2018, Canada.

After breaking into the goalkeeper of MRL HSL team without reply, Ichiro won a landslide with a score of 3 – 0 and successfully crowned as the first champion. “This is all thanks to the prayers of the team and supporters, we did not expect to beat the MRL HSL with a quite loud score,” said Muhtadin grateful.

Remarkably again, in addition to be a champion in the category of Humanoid Teen size League, ITS Ichiro team also managed to become the second winner of the Drop-In Challenge Teen size category, second winner of Technical Challenge Teen size, and third winner of Best Humanoid.

Upon these results, the Ichiro team would like to thank all those who support from before until his departure to Canada. “We only carry two Humanoid robots with a little spare part and a team of four students,” he said.
But behind this little team, he continued, there are dozens of other Ichiro team members who helped prepare the robot months before. “In fact, Ichiro’s robot development is done since 2012,” he continued.

ITS Ichiro team is also grateful to ITS Student Parent Association (Ikoma), alumni, and several industry parties who helped the finance of the team’s departure to Canada. Even the Indonesian Attaché in Canada itself who picked up and delivered the Ichiro team during the race and invited the Idul Fitri prayers together. In addition, we also invited to go to Ottawa to be friendly with the citizens of Indonesia and met with the Ambassador of Indonesia in Canada.

“During our stay in Canada, we received excellent support from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) and its staff, as well as Indonesians in Canada,” added Muhtadin. (nov/Public Relation of ITS)

ITS Ichiro Team was awarded the first place of RoboCup Humanoid League 2018 in the teen size category.

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