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ITS Chancellor Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng when giving a virtual speech at the Belt and Road Architectural University International Consortium (BRAUIC), China Annual Meeting 2021 event

The efforts of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) to seek collaboration with various reputable overseas universities (PT) (international caliber) are continuously being carried out. This time, ITS succeeded in becoming the first campus in Indonesia to become a member of the Belt and Road Architectural University International Consortium (BRAUIC), China.

This BRAUIC collaboration is a co-financing program for an educational project carried out by various universities under the coordination of Beijing University of Civil Engineering & Architecture (BUCEA), China. It is also known that the founding members of this consortium consist of 44 universities from 19 countries including Russia, Poland, France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Dean of the Faculty of Civil, Planning, and Earth Engineering (FT-SPK) ITS Dr. Ir Murni Rachmawati MT explained, for now BRAUIC has members as many as 64 universities from 27 countries which indicates the success of this program in the international arena. “This consortium is based on building a communication platform and cooperation between international universities in the field of architecture along the Silk Road,” he explained.

This participation process began when ITS through its ITS Global Engagement (ITS GE) invited BRAUIC member students to take part in the 2021 ITS CommTECH program. From here, ITS participation, especially the ITS Architecture Department FT-SPK to join BRAUIC, was initiated.

Dean of the Faculty of Civil, Planning, and Earth Engineering (FT-SPK) ITS, Dr. Ir Murni Rachmawati MT

ITS participation in this program has resulted in several international programs which are known to have succeeded in attracting as many as four exchange students from China, Russia, and Greece. “One of them is the CommTECH Online 2021 Summer Edition program which has been circulated to all intracommunication members of BRAUIC,” he explained.

Murni said that becoming a member of this consortium will open up wider opportunities for students to gain knowledge and participate in various activities carried out by member universities of the consortium. These include staff & student mobility, academic conferences, or actively participating in the Let’s Study Abroad program from ITS GE which is one of the programs that have been implemented with BUCEA.

The Dean, who is also a lecturer at the FT-SPK Architecture Department, hopes that by joining the FT-SPK Architecture Department (Civplan), he will get international recognition in information reporting, mobility, and research faster by expanding the wings of internationalization to all consortium members.

Unmitigated, he also hopes for the development of collaborations with BRAUIC member universities, not only in the field of architecture, but also in other fields from FT-SPK and from other faculties at ITS. “Hopefully this participation will be able to bring ITS forward for a better humanity, Advancing Humanity,” he concluded.

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