Andre Pekerti


Dr. Andre Pekerti

Research Interest:

  • n-Culturals
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • International Management/International Organizational Behaviour

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Dr. Andre A. Pekerti is a Senior Lecturer in International Management within the International Business Discipline, at The University of Queensland Business School. He is an n-Cultural, a Christian of Indonesian-Chinese heritage who grew up in Jakarta, Southern California, and New Zealand. As a naturalized New Zealander and Australian, Andre currently live and work in Brisbane. Andre’s multicultural background complements his research interest and teaching in international management. His primary research topics are attributions, acculturation, cultural intelligence, cross-cultural communication, development of multi-method assessment on n-Culturals and cognitive complexity, ethics, family business, n-Culturals, and servant leadership.

  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Auckland
  • Master of Art in Industrial Organizational Psychology, University of Canterbury
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Canterbury

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