Practical Work Guidelines

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    Practical Work (Kerja Praktek) Guidelines

    In order to prepare graduates of Business Management (BM) who are ready to go directly into the real business world and are ready to be developed, various efforts are made to introduce real problems in companies/industries to students. One form of introduction to the real problem is Kerja Praktek/Practical Work Courses that must be taken by all students of BM-ITS. Practical Work Course aims to introduce students to the expertise area and to train students to do work that is usually done by a BM graduate in a company/industry. The practical Work Course is more specific in analyzing a problem in a company/industry and recommending solutions to overcome the problem. This knowledge and skills will also be used to provide students with provisions to understand the implementation of business in real life.


    General Requirements
    • Registered as active students in ITS Business Management
    • Has passed 36 credits at the time of filing an application for Kerja Praktek
    • Has attended at least 1 (two) previous Kerja Praktek presentation sessions
    • Understand and be willing to comply with various regulations that apply to Kerja Praktek activities
    Special Requirements
    • Kerja Praktek is a means to get to know and practice implementing MB functions,
    • Kerja Praktek can be done in leading companies that are profit or non-profit and have adequate MB functions.
    • Kerja Praktek is carried out individually or in groups with a maximum number of members of 2 people.
    • The implementation of Kerja Praktek is recommended not to interfere with the participation of students in the implementation of other lecture activities.
    • Kerja Praktek is carried out under the direction of competent internal and external supervisors.
      Students fill the logbook in accordance with the specified format.
    Method of Implementation

    The implementation methods used in this course are (not limited to) as follows:

    • Kerja Praktek is recommended to be held in the holiday period between even and odd semester, so that it does not interfere with the course, with the approval of the Kerja Praktek’s Coordinator.
    • Kerja Praktek is held for a minimum of 20 working days and maximum of 60 working days
    • Kerja Praktek is carried out in a company that has a good reputation, with the approval of Kerja Praktek’s Coordinator. Students should ideally apply the knowledge they have gained during the lecture to be applied to the company where they work.
    • Students must make a logbook and documentation related to course activities. Students must consult and report the results of the course periodically to internal and external supervisors
    • As soon as the report is complete, students must present their Kerja Praktek’s implementation report. Presentation forums are open to provide opportunities for other students to benefit and information.


    Topics areas that can be worked on for an internship by MB students are as follows:

    • Marketing Management
    • Financial management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Operational management
    • Entrepreneurship

    The components of the Kerja Praktek assessment are as follows:

    • Value of external supervisor (company) (30%)
    • Value of internal supervisor (department) (70%)

    Kerja Praktek Guideline Video:


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