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Informations Regarding Academic Activities in the Department of Business Management

Business Management Department ITS studies the development and management of  business practices. In addition to improving knowledge about management and business, students also learn to be creative and innovative, have leadership qualities, are integrated, and can work well in a team.

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In order to prepare graduates of Business Management who are ready to go directly into the world of work and are ready to be developed, various efforts are made to introduce real problems in companies / industries to students. One form of introduction to the real problem is the practical work activities (Internship). Internship is a means to introduce students to the Business Management expertise area and to train students to do the work normally done by an Business Management graduate in a company / industry. Internship is more specific in analyzing a problem in a company / industry and recommending solutions to overcome the problem. This knowledge and skills will also be used to provide students with provisions to understand the Business Management scientific field in a more real way.

General Requirements
  • Registered as an active Business Management student
  • Has passed 80 credits at the time of filing an application for Internship
  • Has attended at least 2 (two) previous Internship presentation sessions
  • Understand and be willing to comply with various regulations that apply to Internship activities
Special Requirements
  • Considering Internship is a means to get to know and practice implementing Business Management functions, Internship is carried out in companies that are profit or non-profit that are credible and have adequate Business Management functions.
  • Internship is carried out individually or in groups with a maximum number of members of 2 people.
  • The implementation of Internship should not interfere with the participation of students in the implementation of other lecture activities.
  • Internship is carried out under the direction of competent internal and external supervisors.
  • Students fill the log book in accordance with the specified format.


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Undergraduate Thesis is a subject that is equivalent to 6 SKS that must be taken by every MB-ITS student as a requirement to complete a the study and get a Bachelor’s degree. Undergraduate Thesis has a goal so that students are able to explain, analyze and apply all knowledge and educational experience based on basic subjects and electives in the area of expertise they are interested in. Therefore, it is hoped that this thesis can be used as a means of expressing the creativity of students to design, plan, evaluate, improve, innovate, as well as provide solutions to real problems (problem solving) contained in the object of study relating to aspects of business management. The form of this thesis is in the form of a written scientific report which follows the rules of the research methodology and the writing of a standard scientific paper.

General Requirements :

Setiap mahasiswa S1 yang akan mengajukan Proposal Skripsi harus memenuhi beberapa persyaratan administratif dan akademis sebagai berikut:
Terdaftar aktif sebagai mahasiswa Jurusan Manajemen Bisnis ITS;
• Mencantumkan atau mengambil mata kuliah Skripsi di FRS pada semester saat memulai pengajuan proposal Skripsi ;
• Telah menyelesaikan atau lulus mata kuliah minimal 120 SKS, diantaranya terdapat minimal 2 (dua) mata kuliah pilihan ;
• Telah menempuh dan lulus mata kuliah Metode Penelitian Untuk Bisnis dan Mata Kuliah Seminar pada bidang konsentrasi yang dipilih.


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