Bachelor Degree (S1)

Bachelor Degree (S1)

Bachelor Degree (S1) of Computer Engineering aims to provide high-quality learning process opportunities for students to be able to improve their abilities, motivation and learning behavior and high work ethic. Students will be given a strong understanding of the theories and principles of computing, mathematics, science, and engineering to solve technical problems through the design of computer hardware, software, and networks.


Basic competencies in Computer Engineering include mathematics, and electrical engineering, entrepreneurship, religion, and communication skills. While the main competencies of Computer Engineering are in the fields of :

  • Hardware: embedded systems, robotics, microprocessor systems, electrical and electronic circuits.
  • Software: computer programming and systems, cluster computing and multiprocessor, multimedia data processing.
  • Networks: communication networks and computers, wireless sensor networks, network engineering, network security and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Intelligent systems: machine learning, soft computing.

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S1 students are equipped with skills in designing technology development in the fields of telematics, games, and IoT, such as hardware, software, networks, data, processes and procedures, human and cultural resources, prudences and regulations.

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