She cannot understand this she likes your a whole lot whenever every the guy actually ever really does are tease and you will sexually harass her

Thu, 04 Aug 2022
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She cannot understand this she likes your a whole lot whenever every the guy actually ever really does are tease and you will sexually harass her

Erika requires Misaki to have help whenever she happen to promised a customers a night out together-that is up against Housemaid Latte plan-will be the guy victory the new all you can be eat candy dining contest within Housemaid Latte. Misaki chooses to join the event from inside the disguise to attempt to profit they. But not, Hinata suits new contest and you may victories, and you can gets to prefer a maid out-of their solution to suffice or take a picture having him. Sadly, Satsuki forgets to eradicate the name “Misa” about record, and that Hinata needless to say chooses. Satsuki and you can Erika after that devise a want to remain Misaki’s secret which have an excellent disguise, but she, not wanting so you’re able to rest facing Hinata, chooses to explain to him you to she really works at the Housemaid Latte. Hinata will get sometime rowdy regarding it, in order to a point of risking her wonders, but Takumi, outfitted since an effective butler, comes and you will takes Misaki to your as well as inquiries the woman alter away from plans.

Hinata silently cries as he in the end knows what their family unit members was basically warning your throughout the-one to it doesn’t matter how much the guy dreams, Misaki could possibly get already get into like which have other people

For the rivalry between Hinata and you can Takumi starting to be more tense than simply ever, Misaki leaves they both out to possess assaulting on the student council space. At the same time, the newest Maid Latte maids try cosplaying because emails in the comic strip “Housemaid Witches”, therefore Satsuki provides Misaki the brand new anime’s Cds to-do research and get into profile.

Because Misaki is too embarrassed so you can declare her choose to Takumi, she proclaims you to she hates your

A day later, brand new “Maid Witches” cosplay proceeds since plan however does flirtymature work with the strain between Hinata and you may Takumi, Satsuki attempts to defuse the challenge up until Takumi chooses to exit. Hinata renders also although not in advance of the guy inquire Misaki to help you “cast an enchantment” to simply help him get the cherry-tree both of them used to play from the. Along with her move more, Aoi requires Misaki in the Takumi and requires the girl what he could be to help you the girl now. Later, if you’re taking out fully the rubbish, Takumi, who was simply waiting at the back for Misaki, requires the girl a comparable concern one Aoi requested. During the a complement out-of pity, Misaki sets a punch at him it is banned. He then continues in order to represent their feelings on her behalf by extract this lady to the an embrace and you can murmuring a beneficial ‘no-lying’ spell in her ear, demanding she address his question seriously, and that she answers honestly but somewhat from matter.

Sakura encourages Misaki and you will Shizuko to help you Yumesaki’s Society Event to go to UxMishi’s concert, which have Sakura to be certain Misaki one Kuuga has evolved towards best. Takumi becomes anticipate also immediately following “begging” in order to Misaki. After Misaki ends up their change, she discovers Takumi prepared away from straight back log off. Feeling down regarding the his fortune and consistently to make gloomy comments regarding it, she angrily requires him if he will give up this lady due to this and you can blushes up on realizing exactly what she told you-hence Hinata overhears. The very next day, Hinata decides to let Misaki brush the school entrances but concludes upwards getting them both wet.

Along with her clothes moist and you will sharing, Takumi discusses the lady together with his shirt and you can comes with the girl locate transform. A short while later on on Yumesaki Event, Misaki and you will Takumi gets split up out of Sakura and you can Shizuko once a beneficial higher group regarding UxMishi fangirls rush toward band’s performance. With no technique for reuniting together and you can Sakura declining to leave leading line, Shizuko and you may Takumi strongly recommend one another he and you will Misaki enjoy the festival together with her.

Immediately following leaving the competition, Takumi and Misaki register an event getting lovers, where due to the girl aggressive nature and his teasing, it profit the fresh contest and you will receive a different sort of award to the post-event fireworks. Pursuing the UxMishi performance, Misaki attempts to pick Sakura and Shizuko however, finds Kuuga instead, that is probably walking within the festival also Sakura. Immediately after guaranteeing Kuuga try serious about Sakura, Kuuga magic as to why Misaki have not recognized Takumi because their boyfriend. Just after finding the unique honor to wear a great Romeo and you may Juliet costume, Takumi provides Misaki to a blank class room to obtain a better look at brand new fireworks. Misaki eventually confesses to Takumi, however, rants a little due to the girl shame. She says to your you to definitely she is perplexed, you to she doesn’t see as to why the girl center beats rapidly when the woman is which have him, or as to why she feels alone when he renders the woman, or why Takumi is the only person that helps make this lady feel in this way. This new fireworks begin, and they kiss. But not, they walk together with her from the festival holding hand.

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