Costas Andriopoulos, Town, School London area, United KingdomJosh Keller, UNSW Sydney, AustraliaMarianne W

Wed, 03 Aug 2022
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Costas Andriopoulos, Town, School London area, United KingdomJosh Keller, UNSW Sydney, AustraliaMarianne W

SWG 09: Business Contradiction: Engaging Plurality, Stress and Contradictions

  • Quinn, Robert Age., and you can Kim S. Cameron, eds. Contradiction and you can Conversion process: On a principle out of Improvement in Team and you may Government. Cambridge MA: Ballinger, 1988. That it edited frequency boasts essays away from luminaries from inside the organizational idea providing skills about precisely how contradiction can be inform that’s told from the strategic convinced, business change, communication, and you may group personality. This type of today classic essays render foundational information having implementing paradox concept to help you organizational phenomena.
  • Smith, Kenwyn K., and David Letter. Berg. Paradoxes off Category Lifestyle: Insights Conflict, Paralysis, and you can Movement in group Personality. Bay area: Jossey-Trout, 1987. Smith and you may Berg explain contradiction just like the “an announcement otherwise set of comments that are care about-referential and you will inconsistent and you may produce a vicious cycle” (p. 12). They shade new roots off paradoxical imagine drawing greatly into the psychoanalysis, as well as emphasize a dozen paradoxes within organizations and blend her or him inside the about three various other classes: paradoxes from belonging, paradoxes out of enjoyable, and you will paradoxes from speaking. That it text message even offers an early on approach to investigating paradox within this organizational phenomena.


Lewis, University regarding Cincinnati, USAElla Miron-Spektor, INSEAD, Europe University, FranceCamille Pradies, EDHEC Company University, FranceJonathan Schad, King’s University London area, Joined KingdomWendy K. Smith, School of Delaware, United states of america

Business lives confronts unprecedented difficulty. Numerous and you will contradictory requires, competing stakeholder needs, and you may timely-paced change all the more bring about persistent and you will interwoven stress, such today and you will tomorrow, social objectives and you can company needs, centralization and decentralization, balances and alter. While conventional administration browse emphasizes backup methods to make direct choice ranging from alternatives of a tension, a contradiction means underlines the worth of looking at fighting requires concurrently (Lewis, 2000). A paradox depicts a beneficial tension’s issues as the inconsistent and you may contradictory, yet in addition to interdependent, fun, and you may collectively constituted (Farjoun, 2010; Smith Lewis, 2011). Engaging competing need simultaneously permits long term business sustainability.

The aim of SWG 09 is always to get better our comprehension of plurality, tensions, and you can contradictions to better engage her or him for managerial routine (see Putnam ainsi que al., 2016; Schad mais aussi al., 2016).

Throughout the carried on sandwich-layouts at the EGOS Colloquia, we have been in a position to subsequent our comprehension of stress and contradictions, and and thus identify obvious limitations and you will meanings. Building into a flourishing area from students, we have now attempt to use brand new theoretic landscapes and you can explore methodological possibilities to find the complete possible from contradiction look.

SWG 09: Organizational Paradox: Entertaining Plurality, Tensions and you can Contradictions

  • Knowing the sources of stress: Tensions try portrayed while the inherent to help you organizing together with socially constructed (Smith Lewis, 2011). Recent search teaches you one tensions shall be grounded on cutting-edge possibilities, that is why they may be hidden and be outstanding (Schad Bansal, 2018).
  • Several, interwoven stress: Because of the pervasiveness from several stress, scholars can get study co-density regarding tensions (Jarzabkowski mais aussi al., 2013), and that period quantities of a support groups (Andriopoulos Lewis, 2009), and can be interrelationships certainly tensions (Sheep et al., 2017).
  • Microfoundations: Do you know the microfoundations regarding paradoxes (Miron-Spektor et al., 2018)? What’s the character out of thoughts – nervousness, ambivalence, susceptability – during the sustaining otherwise leveraging paradoxical stress (Vince Broussine, 1996)? Which are the consequences to possess government and you may providers (Hahn mais aussi al., 2014)?
  • Paradoxes from huge and advanced demands:Given the switching surroundings out-of organizations and also the ecosystem he’s embedded into the (social viewpoints, political orientations, technological, an such like.) why does paradox since the an effective contact posting in dealing with grand and you can advanced demands?
  • The newest actions in paradox browse: What are this new measures otherwise combos off methods that can help us see paradoxes empirically (Andriopoulos Gotsi, 2017; Jarzabkowski ainsi que al., 2019)? Were there the way of triangulation informed from the paradox theory, combining qualitative, decimal and you may experimental approaches? Can be paradox concept enjoy the data out of larger research otherwise simulations? How do contradiction be employed to talk about tensions between theory and you may strategies?

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