International Conference on Creative Industry (ICCI)

Rab, 09 Agu 2017
11:19 pm
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Opportunity and Challenge of Creative Industries

The world we live evolved to the best form where experiences are well designed. Creative workers tend to push their work to the area that would result emotional respond. Many creators will dig deeper to find the way to impress the emotional side of audience. The 4th ICCI theme in 2017 is about how people in the creative area of industry develop the idea of engagement, touch point and measured effect of people in the social field, creatively.

ICCI welcomes academic researchers, professionals or policy makers related to the creative industry to participate in this conference. University Lecturers, Postgraduate Student, Educational Practitioners related to Creative Industries (such as advertising, architecture, arts and antiques, video, fil and photography, music, visual and performing arts, publishing, software, computer games and electronic publishing, radio and TV, Craft, and fashion industry), Profesional Association related to Creative Industries, Creative Community, Goverment Representatives, and many more …. SPREAD OUT YOUR THOUGHT AND EXPERIENCE LET’S DISCUSS AND STRENGTHEN YOUR NETWORK!

THE TOPICS AND THEME OF THE CONFERENCE INCLUDE – BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Education in Creative Industry, Suistainability of Creative Industry; Intellectual Property Rights; The Role of Information Technology in Creative Industry; HRD Management of Creative Industry; Tourism and Creative Industry; Start-up Creative Industry Business; Creative Entrepreneurship; Green Concept in Creative Industry; Marketing in Creative Industry; Networking in Creative Industry; Marine and Creative Industry; Creative Pedagogy; Global Free Trade; Success Stories of Creative Industry Cases; Traditionalism in Creative Industry and many more!


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