9th International Conference on Architecture Research and Design

Kam, 09 Nov 2017
5:20 am
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Oleh : Yoga Ari Tofan   |

Decoding Ideas and Thinking in Architecture

Design Thinking has a paradoxical characteristic: designers agree it is the core and the most important part of a creative process, yet to explain how it works is the most difficult one. As a process, it follows a logical sequence of actions or events, requires a logical objectivity, as it also allows for subjective interpretation. To create the best decision and solution, designers should have a consciousness in their process. They cannot rely only on their intuition, but they must be able to try revealing and decoding their intangible steps.

Decoding means transforming, analyzing and interpreting a message of language, either visual or semiotic ones. So, to decode means to convert a coded message into intelligible language as well as to analyze and interpret a communication or image. The concept of decoding therefore focused on analyzing the design process and its methodologies with the objective to reach a better understanding of its structure and content as well as to improve efficiency in design practice.

In this conference, academics, researchers, and students are invited to exchange their knowledge. This will be a medium where current theories, design methods and researches on this field are discussed. It can be based on their own experiences in academic activities related to Architecture Design or on other people’s experiences which they analyzed and interpreted. Professionals are also invited to share and discuss their design process and knowledge specifically on how they are dealing with interrelation between their objectivity and subjectivity thoughts.


Architectural theory

Keywords: pragmatism, semiotic language, hybrid language, Theoretical approaches & discourses, etc

Architecture research

Keywords: vernacular architecture, traditional architecture, architecture & urbanism, local architecture, eco-architecture, housing and human settlement design, etc

Architecture method

Keywords: transformation, contemporary idioms, digital design, narrative, diagrammatic approach, contextual approach, community based design, programmatic approach, evidence-based, etc

Architecture design

Keywords: contemporary vernacular design, creative design thinking, decode, manifesto, interpretation, reconstruction, etc

Architecture education

Keywords: exploration, utopian design model studio, concept-test model studio, digital design model studio, survey analysis design model studio, etc

Architecture practice

Keywords: pragmatism, trial & error, phenomenology, case-based, etc.

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