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Fiqey Indriati Eka Sari

Fiqey Indriati Eka Sari, ITS Informatics Engineering Student, who won the 2022 National Mawapres


One of the FTEIC students succeeded in making the name of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) proud on the national level through his achievement in becoming the second winner of the 2022 National Achievement Student (Mawapres) at the undergraduate level. Fiqey Indriati Eka Sari, ITS Informatics Engineering Student batch 2019. On this occasion, Fiqey competed with fifteen finalists from all over Indonesia which was held offline at the University of Indonesia from September 29, 2022 to October 1, 2022.


This student from Pasuruan revealed that the selection for the Mawapres election in 2022 is quite long compared to previous years, where students are selected starting from the department level, then to the institute level which will be taken as many as 5 students. In the top 5 stages of this institute, there are 4 stages of selection which are carried out offline. From these three stages, Fiqey managed to get the opportunity as an ITS Main Outstanding Student and represented ITS to the LLDIKTI 7 Region level. Preliminary National, where from all LLDIKTI in Indonesia, the top 60 were taken first. Then selected based on creative ideas and superior achievements to be taken as the top 15 finalists.

Having abundant achievements certainly helps Fiqey in winning the 2022 National Mawapres title. Not only active in the scientific field, Fiqey is also involved in robot competitions that are members of the ITS Humanoid Robot Ichiro team and is currently actively interning in Data Science Algorithm. In addition, he is also active in various organizations, both within ITS and outside ITS, and has been a speaker more than twice 12 times at science-technology seminars.

ITS Humanoid Robot Ichiro

Fiqey Indriati Eka Sari with members of the ITS Humanoid Robot Ichiro


Fiqey plans to realize his dream as a driver of technological innovation that benefits society. He has also been working on this with his friends since 2021. Through a creative idea that brought the development of his PKM Karsa Cipta under the title “Early Detection and Monitoring System for Complication Risks Based on Multimodel Learning for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients “. An application that not only detects images, but is combined with patient track record data and is connected to a real time monitoring system.

In the midst of his busy schedule, Fiqey always tries to optimize the time he has by making a list of activities that are sorted by priority scale. He does this before going to bed or once a week, besides that he is always grateful for the things that happened that day and evaluates them. That way, Fiqey will always be enthusiastic in every activity he will do.

In his message, he revealed that technology and creativity are the keys to face the future. He believes that FTEIC friends are great students who are experts in technology. Therefore, he invites all FTEIC students to make good use of the knowledge they already have, because no effort is wasted.

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