Expected results from the EDA program :

  • A good understanding of the direction and development plans of the region
  • Understanding current conditions (problems, challenges, and opportunities) regarding the social and economic potential of the region,
  • Recommend policies that match the identification results

Development of Creative Industry-Based Educational Tourism in Dolly's Ex-Localization

ITS cooperates with the Surabaya City Government in developing Dolly’s Ex-Localization into an educational tourism place based on creative industries. The development began with the mapping of current conditions and mapping the problems found in the dolly ex-localization area, followed by planning a business development program based on SMEs that suits the wishes of the community. After that, the design was done for village development, Small Micro Medium Enterprises product planning, and promotion. The applied design leads more to modern and minimalist, making it look more attractive. Dolly’s ex-localization corridor design is made full of modern buildings that serve as a place of business for the community. Here is an overview of the corridor design and playground in dolly’s former localization area.

Sustainable urban settlements are an ongoing effort to improve the social, economic, and environmental quality of the environment as everyone’s place to live and work. The conception of sustainable urban settlements aims to improve the quality of life of people that combines three aspects, namely social development, economic growth, environmental protection. Several villages are the focus of sustainable village implementation around ITS. Two of them are in Gebang Putih Village and Kejawan Putih Tambak Village. Some of the programs that run are the provision of sanitation and clean water, procurement of elderly parks, mural walls, economic empowerment through plastic waste, hydroponics, and worm cultivation. These programs are an effort to achieve the welfare of the community in three focuses of SDGs objectives namely water availability, economy, and sanitation.

IKM Tanggulangin or also called Tanggulangin Leather Handicraft Center is one of the centers of the manufacturer of bags, wallets, and leather shoes since 1939. But since the Lapindo mudslides in 2006, visitors who come to IKM Tanggulangin have dropped dramatically because the overflow of mud has covered access from Malang and Probolinggo. In 2004, there were 450 showrooms that were members of INTAKO (Bags and Suitcase Industry), but after the mud disaster, only about 150 showrooms remained so IKM Tanggulangin also decreased. Therefore, ITS SDGs are planning to revitalize the central area of Tanggulangin bags, shoes, and suitcases. The purpose of this revitalization is to realize the image of the IKM Tanggulangin area to be better, provide opportunities and advance entrepreneurs from various sectors, provide jobs for the surrounding community, introduce local products on a national to the international scale, and build advanced tourist attractions in Sidoarjo. This program is an implementation of the goal of SDGs which is to advance the economy and sustainability. Here are some designs for Tanggulangin Bag and Shoe Center.

Smart village is a development of the smart city concept. The concept of smart village is a concept where a village can solve its problems intelligently. The concept of the smart village must also be supported by several components for its implementation to have a positive and maximum impact. Smart village was initiated to utilize information technology for rural communities as an effort to educate local communities for the implementation of more quality public service programs by utilizing information technology. Not only focusing on the sophistication of technology in a village, but the smart village is also expected to change people’s condition towards a better and more prosperous state, raise awareness in the community of the importance of innovation in small businesses that has the potential to create entrepreneurship, and improve the quality of service in the village.

To support Smart Village from SDGs Center ITS runs several programs, one of which is the planning and design program of Selong Belanak Tourism Village. Selong Belanak is a village located in West Praya District, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province. This village has the potential of beautiful beaches that can attract domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists. Besides having clear turquoise seawater and soft white sand, the sea in Selong Belanak Village is also shallow enough that it is safe for tourists who like to play in the sea and can be used to learn to surf, even locals provide surfboard rental and surfing course services.

Selong Belanak Beach is less famous than other beaches in Lombok, such as Senggigi Beach in West Lombok and Kuta Beach in Central Lombok. This is due to the limited facilities, promotions, and information that make this beach less well known. Therefore, ITS SDGs conducted several innovations and activities to introduce Selong Belanak Village to tourists. Such as building several facilities to attract tourists, educating the community to utilize the resources they have to be able to sell or make other businesses that can enliven the tourist area in Selong Belanak Village. The following are some examples of the design of the service center in Selong Belanak Tourism Village.