Research Center for Regional Development and Community Empowerment

Head of Research Center for Regional Development and Community Empowerment:

Dr. Ir. Setiawan MS
Research Center Building 7th Floor
Jalan Teknik Kimia, Kampus ITS Sukolilo
Surabaya, Indonesia 60111.


About Research Center for Regional Development and Community Empowerment

Research Center for Regional Development and Community Empowerment (PDPM) is one of the study centers which is under Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM ITS) which has special competencies in ​​developing community-empowerment-based regional potential. PDPM was established in 2000, starting from the collaboration between ITS and BAPPEPROV East Java related to the need to study potential identification and problems of small islands in East Java.
Supported by qualified experts, as well as reliable support teams, we were able to provide the best services on research, training, and assistance in various aspects of development. Over the past ten years, we have succeeded in developing extensive cooperation and networks both nationally and internationally through government and private institutions. In line with the vision and the goals of ITS which has made a real contribution to the development of knowledge and development, the PDPM-LPPM Study Center ITS will continue to develop itself to be able to produce quality products and services according to the needs of the community.


Research Area

1. Research and Community Service

Research Center for Regional Development and Community Empowerment (PDPM) conducts Campus Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in the ring 1 area of ​​ITS (i.e. Keputih village, Gebang Putih, and Kejawan Putih Tambak), and Campus Goes to Kampung Dolly, ex localization. The topics of research and community service include:

  • The image restoration of the former localization area to an educational tourism area which iscreative-industry-based
  • ITS’s smart technology environmentpioneer, maritime and environmental insight in the neighborhood around the ITS campus
  • Sanitation and Drinking Water Supply based on community empowerment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for companies: social mapping, CSR assistance model, and program monitoring and evaluation model
  • Regional Innovation System Development (SIDa) and IPTEIN’s Requirements for increasing competitiveness
  • Poverty and development of regional potential

2. Services

In addition to carrying out basic tasks, PDPM also conducts activities by involving third parties (industry, private sector, local government, international parties, and others). PDPM conducts the collection, processing, analysis, presentation of data carried out systematically and objectively to solve problems, especially in community empowerment.

3. Training

Training is intended to make the community independent,both in environment, skills, as well as economic and human resource improvement. In addition to training for the target research community, it was also conducted for teams that will carry out activities at PDPM such as training of surveyors, supervisors, scientific writing, training of trainers (ToT), and training of facilitators.

4. Mentoring

PDPM carries out assistance to the community based on the results of studies and research. This assistance is in accordance with the results of research and studies that have been carried out by PDPM.