About LPPM

Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) ITS is an academic implementing element that carries out some of the main tasks and functions of ITS in the field of Research and Community Service. LPPM as stated in the Organization and Working Procedure of ITS in Rector’s Regulation Number 10 of 2016 has the task of managing and developing research networks and community servic.

In carrying out its tasks, LPPM performs functions:

  1. Preparation and dissemination of research road map and community service according to the Rector’s policy
  2. Preparation of planning, organizing, and monitoring research programs, including quality assurance, both monodisciplinary programs and interdisciplinary programs carried out by research centers and laboratories
  3. Preparation of planning, organizing, and monitoring community service programs
  4. Provision of information on research activities and community service

Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) ITS is chaired by a Head of Institute of Research and Community Service, who in carrying out his duties is responsible to the Rector   

LPPM consists of:

  1. LPPM Secretariat
  2. Administration Section
  3. Research Center
  4. Other Centers
  5. Laboratories

Institute of Research and Community Service has 7 Research Centers, 3 other Centers, and 2 Laboratories:

Research Centers :
  1. Research Center for Energi
  2. Research Center for Marine
  3. Research Center for ICT and Robotics
  4. Research Center of Sains, Material, dan Nanotechnology
  5. Research Center for Regional Development and Community Empowerment
  6. Research Center for Environment, Housing, and Settlement
  7. Research Center for Earth, Disaster, and Climate Change
Other Centers :
  1. The Management of Intellectual Property Rights
  2. Science Publication Center
  3. Halal Center
  1. Energy and Environmental Laboratory
  2. Robotics Laboratory