As a directing university, ITS will facilitate lecturers / researchers who have proposed scientific papers in which  they have draft of proposed paper which will be submitted to the indexed international journals / proceedings, through guidance / proof reading provided by experienced lecturers either in scientific research or publications and have high H-index in the same study. The process of conseling can involve substance of paper, writing and grammar. As a feedback, the counselor must be included as one of the authors of the submitted paper.

The aim of this research collaboration program and scientific publication is:

  1. Enhancing the role of ITS in providing guidance to researchers / lecturers in universities in internationally indexed and reputed scientific publications.
  2. Providing opportunity to lecturers / research groups from private universities which are relatively new developing in their research capabilities to be able to use the facilities and expertise, and to adopt good research culture from the ITS research group / lecturers in carrying out qualified research.
  3. Increasing research network/cooperation in IPTEK-SOSBUD with private universities in East Java through partnership system to encourage the increasing quality and quantity of researches, either in scientific publications, patents, in technology, policies (guidelines, regulations), models, or social manupulation and to provide high benefits for industries or groups of people in need.



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