February 07, 2022 17:02

The Plan for the Development of the Tuban Regency Public Cemetery as an Effort for Control and Land Utilization for the Tuban Regency TPU Development

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In order to contribute to sustainable development, social and environmental issues in Indonesia, PDPM ITS made a study on the “Plan for the Development of the Tuban Regency Public Cemetery”. The purpose of this study is to obtain material for consideration and formulation of policies related to the planned, directed, effective and efficient TPU development plan for Tuban Regency by taking into account the interests of religious, socio-cultural aspects and the principles of land use and utilization.

The study begins with looking for related literature references, then collects primary and secondary data and then analyzes the location and land suitability. The results of the study were presented through FGD (Focus Group Discussion) and included in the report. The recommendation from PDPM ITS for the plan to build a public cemetery in Tuban Regency is the need for the addition of new tomb locations and expansion of existing tombs because it is estimated that by 2021 the cemetery in Tuban Regency will be fully filled. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the TPU management to better arrange the layout of the tomb so that the available space is utilized as much as possible.

FGDs are held regularly. The preliminary report FGD and the intermediate report were conducted online. Meanwhile, the final FGD report was conducted offline while still observing health protocols. The purpose of conducting an offline FGD is so that the Tuban Regency government is more optimal in listening to the results of the study presented by the ITS PDPM so that the recommendations and strategies provided by the ITS PDPM team can be realized properly.

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