February 07, 2022 18:02

Request for Delivery of COVID-19 Book Manuscripts in ITS Efforts and Service

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In commemoration of the XII ITS LUSTRUM, together with this DRPM ITS will make a Book of Research and Community Service entitled “COVID-19 in ITS Research and Service Efforts”. Therefore, we ask for contributions from lecturers and students in the ITS Department who carry out Research, Assessment, Development, Application and Community Service activities to support the Handling and Overcoming of the Covid-19 Pandemic in order to send the result of the activity to https://intip.in/BukuCOVID19

Authors are requested to make manuscripts according to the attached format and image files using a large resolution. Manuscripts must be submitted no later than October 20, 2020. Hopefully the results of this work can make a national contribution in research and community empowerment.

We thank you for your attention, role and cooperation.



1. B. 61202 Surat Permohonan Pengiriman Naskah Buku COVID-19 disertai Contoh Format Naskah Buku

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