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Practical Work Activities (KP) during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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The ITS Center for Regional Potential Studies and Community Empowerment (PDPM) provides opportunities for students to carry out Practical Work (KP) activities or more commonly referred to as internship programs or Field Work Practices (PKL). PDPM ITS collaborates with the ITS Statistics Department in this KP program through 2 students, namely Fauzizah Fatma Ningrum, a student from Kediri and Lulus Faticatu Riza, a student from Trenggalek. Both of them are students of the RPL Lintar Pathway S1 Statistics ITS semester 3. The KP program aims to support lecture activities in order to give students an overview of the world of work in accordance with the field of professional statistics competence.

The activity carried out in the student KP this time follows one of the projects currently being carried out by PDPM ITS, namely the UN Data Update Activity in Balongbendo District, Sidoarjo Regency in 2020. The tasks given to KP participating students in this project include: Making survey simulations, making survey timeline, draft survey costs, report survey results, and conduct a SWOT analysis of survey designs that have been made with survey designs that have been carried out by PDPM ITS.

Practical work is carried out for one month starting from July 13, 2020 to August 14, 2020 online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Presentation of KP progress by students is carried out at least once a week using Googlemeet media. Coordination of assignment, guidance, direction and asking questions if there are problems is done through WhatsApp groups.


a.    ITS PDPM Profile Presentation                                                            b. Weekly Progress Presentation


The presentation in the first week was held on July 15, 2020 which was filled with introductions to the ITS PDPM profile, introductions to KP students and field supervisors, as well as giving KP assignments. The presentation in the second week was held on July 17 and 24, 2020, discussing weekly progress reports and discussion of KP tasks.

c. Discussion on the Duties of Surveyors, Validators, Entries and Supervisors

The next presentation was held on July 27, 2020, attended by KP students, field supervisors, surveyor representatives, validators, entries and supervisors as survey implementers in the field who discussed the duties of each stakeholder and the obstacles experienced during the survey.

          “We are grateful to be able to carry out KP at PDPM ITS. Even though the activities were carried out online, we gained a lot of experience, among others, gaining new insights about PBB updating activities which are the ITS PDPM project in collaboration with the Sidoarjo Regency BPPD, teamwork in running a project that must be completed according to the timeline, and the obstacles experienced during the activity. updating in the field,” said Fauziyah. Then Lulus also added “We were also given the task of designing a survey simulation in accordance with the application of statistical science that we had learned in lectures along with how to make a budget with a certain ceiling, and while doing the KP task, we were also guided by PDPM ITS staff in a friendly manner. and patient.”

With this KP, it is hoped that there will be direct collaboration between the ITS Center for Regional Potential Studies and Community Empowerment (PDPM) with the world of education, especially the ITS Statistics Department and can provide information as research material in the field of statistical science. In addition, this practical work is expected to provide benefits to students, including increasing experience and knowledge about the world of work, knowing the application of statistics in the world of work, being able to train students to work professionally and adapting or working well in an environment. work.

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