February 07, 2022 13:02

PDPM ITS: Economic Growth in the Information and Communication Sector Grows Rapidly in Tuban Regency

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On Friday, October 15, 2021, the ITS Center for Regional Potential Studies and Community Empowerment (PDPM) together with the Tuban Regency Bappeda conducted a FGD for the Preparation of the Tuban District PDRB Evaluation Document for 2020. In this activity, PDPM was represented by Dr. Sutikno, M.Sc., Dewi Indra Setiawan, S.Si., M.Sc., and Nur Suci Romadhloni, SM. This FGD is a follow-up to the collaboration between PDPM ITS and Bappeda Tuban in order to evaluate the economic condition of Tuban Regency in 2020.

Representatives from the Tuban Regency Government were attended by a number of related officials, including Agung Triwibowo, S.E., M.M as Head of the Tuban Regency Bappeda, Siti Umi Hanik, S.T., M.T. and Danang Tri Nohandono, ST from Bappeda Tuban, Head of the Department of Cooperatives, Industry and Trade Kab. Tuban, Head of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports Kab. Tuban, Head of the Office of Investment, One Stop Service and District Manpower, Tuban, Head of the District Agriculture and Food Security Service. Tuban, Head of the Department of Fisheries and Livestock Kab. Tuban, Head of the Community and Village Empowerment Service and KB Kab. Tuban, Head of the Department of Social Affairs, Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Kab. Tuban, Semanding sub-district, Palang sub-district, Kerek sub-district, head of the Central Bureau of Statistics Kab. Tuban, Head of the Economic and Natural Resources Section of the Regional Secretariat of the Regency, Tuban, Head of the Planning, Control and Evaluation of Regional Development at the Regency Bappeda. Tuban, Head of Economic, Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Regional Affairs at the District Bappeda, Tuban, Head of Government and Human Development at the District Bappeda. Tuban, Head of Research and Development at Bappeda Kab. Tuban.

This FGD activity discussed the development of the economic structure of Tuban Regency in 2020. Economic growth of Tuban Regency experienced a slowdown compared to the previous year. Tuban Regency’s economic growth in 2020 was -5.85 percent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The GRDP per Capita of Tuban Regency in 2020 also showed a decrease compared to the previous year. The decrease reached 2.5 million Rupiah. This means that most of the income received by the people in Tuban Regency decreased by 2.5 million Rupiah compared to the previous year. However, the positive impact of this pandemic is the rapid economic growth of the business field in the field of Information and Communication which reached 8.88 percent in 2020. This is inseparable from the rise of online schools and many workers who use the internet when working from home (work from home).

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