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PDPM ITS Discussion on the Implementation of SSH and ASB-HSPK Activities in Mojokerto City

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Discussion of activities for the preparation of SSH and ASB-HSPK Mojokerto City
Right to left: Ahmad Atim Solikin, Akhmad Jamaluddin


Tuesday 2 February 2021, the Center for Regional Potential Studies and Community Empowerment (PDPM) Directorate of Research and Community Service DRPM ITS held a discussion on the implementation of the Preparation of Unit Price Standards (SSH) and Cost Unit Analysis (ASB) – Price of the Main Activity Units (HSPK) of Mojokerto City . The discussion was held at the Office of the Regional Revenue and Finance Management Agency (BPKPD) Mojokerto City, Jl. Lt. Col. Sumarjo No. 62 Mojokerto City. This discussion was attended by Dr. Sutikno as SSH Team Leader, Harun Alrasyid Ph.D Civil Department Lecturer as ASB HSPK Team Leader, ITS support team, Ahmad Atim Solikin Head of Assets, Masqirom Nur Wahid Head of Sub-division of Security and Transfers, Akhmad Jamaluddin Head of Planning and Administration Sub-division.
Ahmad Atim said that the preparation of the SSH, ASB HSPK as a reference for the 2022 Mojokerto City Musrenbang. Ahmad Atim hopes that this activity can run smoothly and on time. Technically, this activity is in the Planning and Administration Sub-Section. The implementation of the activities will be coordinated by Akhmad Jamaluddin.
Dr. Sutikno said that PDPM had experience in preparing SSH in the City of Surabaya and the City of Mojokerto. Based on the experience of preparing SSH in the City of Surabaya and the City of Mojokerto in 2019, it is necessary to adjust the items to be surveyed. So the number of items surveyed is not much, but according to need. Based on initial data, the number of SSH in Mojokerto City is 8,509 items. This number is greater than the number of SSH in Surabaya. The number of items in the Surabaya City SSH is around 5,000. The ITS team has identified the items that are proposed to be removed. The criteria for the proposed deletion of the goods are that the OPD has not used it for a long time, the goods are no longer produced and the goods are the same or identical to the other goods. So that the number of items in SSH becomes small and simple. Some input from the OPD, the more items in SSH, making it confusing to choose. One item needed by the OPD turned out to be in SSH, there could be more than one item. This is because of the different specs and different brands.

Dr. Sutikno conveyed the SSH activity plan, ASB-HSPK Mojokerto City
Left to right: Dr. Sutikno, Harun Alrasyid, Ph.D, Dr. Wahyuniarsih Sutrisno, Eva Olivia Hutasoit, MT., Akhmad Jamaluddin (Head of Sub-Division of Planning and Administration)

Dr. Harun Al Rasyid said, did the ASB HSPK in 2021 have input from the Mayor of Mojokerto? The input will be a reference for the ITS Team in the preparation of the ASB HSPK. Based on the previous year’s experience, the Mojokerto City HSPK ASB received a note from the Mayor of Mojokerto. Some notes are the reference price in SSH, ASB-HSPK is too high. So there is a big budget error. The ITS team in compiling SSH ASB and HSPK set the middle value. The goal is that the SSH ASB HSPK is not too low and not too high. So that OPD can make budget references according to needs and quality.
Akhmad Jamaluddin conveyed that the SSH activity contract started on February 1, 2021 for 3 months. Meanwhile, ASB-HSPK activities will start on February 15, 2021 for 3 months. The ITS team can start activities from now on. The Mojokerto City BPKPD will support data needs and socialization to OPDs. The condition of Mojokerto City, which is still implementing the Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), socialization to OPD is carried out online.

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