Registration Email for Staff and Lecture

All lecturers and students have the right to get an ITS email account. To get an email account, lecturers and students must submit directly to the DPTSI office.
What are the steps?

  1. The applicant takes care of the application for making an ITS email account signed by the Head of Department or Head of Unit. This application letter contains:
    – a statement that the applicant is really a lecturer or tendik in the department/unit concerned;
    – application for making an email account for the lecturer/educator concerned.
  2. The applicant comes to DPTSI with a letter of application.
  3. DPTSI will create an e-mail account and directly inform the lecturer or educator after conducting the verification process of the applicant’s data.

Change your password periodically through email settings, to increase the security of information from your own e-mail and information security within the ITS.