SOP Guidelines

General requirements

  1. DPTSI provides free domain, web hosting, VPS, and server colocation services to users in the ITS environment
  2. The use of a domain name must follow the domain name writing procedures set by the DPTSI.
  3. The validity period of the service is as follows:
    • For official institutions: permanent
    • For institutions under institutions and incidental activities: In accordance with agreement and agreement between the two parties (activities with DPTSI)
  4. In day-to-day management, the services owned are managed by the technical responsible person as a representative of the administrative person in charge.
  5. Managers are only responsible for recording the name delegation of the requested service.
  6. In the event of a dispute, the manager has the right to freeze service use until the problem is resolved.
  7. Service users are entitled to get technical support from DPTSI.
  8. DPTSI has the right to take actions deemed necessary in full, such as revoking, freezing, and so on if the service is deemed not to comply with regulations set by DPTSI.
  9. All services provided may only be used for academic, research, instructional and professional purposes.



  1. The user agrees to the features provided by DPTSI.
  2. Technical support that can be used by users can be obtained during working days and hours. Users can get it by contacting DPTSI via email, telephone, e-ticket, or a direct visit to DPTSI.


User Privacy and Personal Rights

  1. The service owner has the full right to use and develop the services owned by taking into account the rules and procedures set by DPTSI
  2. Everything related to data owned by users will not be published by DPTSI to any party.


User Obligations

  •  The obligation of service users in DPTSI is to obey the rules and regulations that apply in DPTSI and ITS. Things that have not been determined will be fixed at a later time. If there is a change in regulations or the prevailing provisions will be notified via email address, DPTSI website or other announcements.


Password Security

  1. Users are responsible for their username and password and confidentiality.
  2. DPTSI is not responsible for everything that happens to the username and password owned by the user, including there are events where there are known parties who do not have rights as users.
  3. Users are advised to use a password by combining lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers, and symbols.
  4. Users are advised to change their passwords regularly with the application provided.
  5. If the user forgets the password used, both the technical responsible and administrative responsible can contact DPTSI.


Responsibility for Data Services

  1. DPTSI does not provide assistance for technical problems related to the contents of the user’s directory, including repairs to the user’s program.
    2. The DPTSI is not responsible for damage / loss of user data, either intentionally or unintentionally by users or other parties.
    3. The DPTSI does not provide backups for all data held by users contained on the web server, except for web hosting for work units provided backups.
    4. The DPTSI has the authority to monitor and monitor the contents of the files that are in the service provided with strong and clear reasons.
    5. Users are advised to do regular backups.
    6. Users are advised to check malware and control the security of the services they have on a regular basis.


Limitation of Service Content

1. There are no restrictions regarding the contents of files that are owned by the user, as long as the contents of the file do not contain SARA, pornography, and copyright infringement.
2. Services are not used for criminal purposes (example: hacking and phishing).
3. The contents of the service must follow the standards that apply to the ITS website.
4. Users take full responsibility for the content or material that is stored legally.
5. The DPTSI is not responsible for events that occur as a result of the contents or material files that are owned by the user.
6. Users must use paid website templates or free but legal website templates. DPTSI also provides a website template but is only intended for Faculties, Departments and Units.


Service User Prohibition

1. Users may not use the DPTSI server for all activities that conflict with applicable law in the Republic of Indonesia.
2. Users are fully responsible for the content of services owned.
3. Users may not save files or content, both directly and indirectly containing files e below, among others:
• MP3 files or the like
• Hackers and phreaking programs / archived pirated software / warez sites / illegal content / that violate copyright.
4. Users may not use DPTSI servers for ADULT hosting.
5. Users may not try to damage, replace data and systems that are in DPTSI that are not the rights of the users concerned, or do various things that are considered as damaging to the system owned by DPTSI, both intentionally or unintentionally.
6. Users must not damage and try to replace data and server systems owned by third parties through the DPTSI server, intentionally or unintentionally.


Abandoned or Untreated Websites

1. DPTSI has the right to archive and delete websites on the server owned by DPTSI. This is done only for websites that have not been edited or updated in a period of 1 year.
2. DPTSI has the right to archive and delete websites whose contact persons cannot be contacted or have left ITS. Previously, the DPTSI would attempt to contact the administrative responsible first. However, if the website managed by the user is not maintained (edited or updated) for 1 year, then DPTSI has the right to delete the website without prior notice.



Violation of Rules

1. DPTSI will give a loud warning 1 (one) time to the hosting owner via email / telephone from the administrative and technical responsible with a time limit of 3×24 hours.
2. If the warning is ignored by the user, the DPTSI can terminate the services owned unilaterally until the user contacts the DPTSI again.
3. During service stops, data on the server will not be lost.
User Storage Capacity
1. Storage capacity provided by DPTSI, including:
• Web hosting: by default 500 Mb.
• VPS: by default 640 Gb.
• Colocation server: DPTSI does not provide storage capacity, only a place to store the server.
2. The process of adding storage capacity will not be processed if it has exceeded the maximum limit.
3. Large storage capacity that has been used can be monitored by the manager.
4. Users can increase storage capacity when 80% of the total storage capacity is used, but by including reasons that are acceptable to the DPTSI


Account Cancellation

Violation of the provisions and rules above can result in the cancellation of an account owned by the user by DPTSI without prior notice.