June 09, 2022 12:06

Inbound Staff Mobility 2022 Visit

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022, DPTSI received staff visits from Thailand and Turkey. The visit was in the framework of Staff Mobility 2022. The visit was attended by representatives of DKG staff and 2 representatives of Staff Mobility 2022. The two representatives came from Turkey and Thailand, respectively.

A representative from Turkey came from Istanbul Aydin University, and a representative from Thailand came from Mahidol University. Representatives from Thailand work in the Network System, a kind of Sub-Directorate of IKTI at DPTSI.

During the visit, representatives from Turkey discussed the information system used at Istanbul Aydin University. There are two kinds of systems, systems that can be accessed outside of Turkey (even from Indonesia), but for security reasons, there are systems that can only be accessed on campuses in Turkey.

In the information system service system, students at Istanbul Aydin University cannot directly contact the IT Department. If there is a computer that cannot be used, the teaching staff will contact the IT Department. If students can directly contact the IT Department, it is feared that the staff in the IT Department will not be able to work properly because they will be disturbed.

In the discussion, DPTSI had the opportunity to explain the existing information system at ITS. The hope is that by looking directly at the existing system at ITS, Mobility Staff can learn and exchange information related to the scheme and management of the information system used.

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