May 16, 2021 10:05

The HyFlex Model Learning Method Webinar with Blackboard

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On Thursday, April 15 2021, several DPTSI teams had the opportunity to attend an introductory webinar on The HyFlex Model. On this occasion Nick Benwell from Blackboard APAC shared an explanation of The HyFlex Model method, where this method is a learning method that combines face to face and online to face the new school year in 2021.

The following is information about the HyFlex Model webinar supported by Blackboard APAC. Adaptation to changes in learning methods very quickly. While classes must go fully online, educational institutions and their teaching staff, I.T staff, and system administrators are working tirelessly to provide students with alternative learning methods. This is done to ensure students can continue their studies, even from their homes.

Currently, by looking at Indonesia’s pandemic conditions which have improved, where some students are starting to return to face-to-face learning methods in class, educational institutions or teaching staff are under pressure to be able to provide a combination of online and face-to-face learning. The HyFlex learning method provides a new level of flexibility for blended learning, where this learning method provides an opportunity for students to be able to choose whether they can attend online learning, attend face-to-face classes, or both.


The expectations that can be achieved through the HyFlex learning method are divided into 3 points of consideration as follows:

Required level of technical knowledge
Desired level of student engagement
Various types of lessons that can be delivered

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