August 14, 2020 11:08

Socialization Manajement Information System (MIS) of Audit by DPTSI and KAI

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On Friday, 14 August 2020, DPTSI together with KAI held an MIS of Audit socialization at the zoom webinar session this afternoon. This system facilitates BPP and BPK to be able to update and enter financial documents and can already be used for SPJ entries in August 2020.

In this socialization, Umar Hasan, as one of the DPTSI Teams who develop MIS of Audit, provided additional menus related to the MIS of Audit. SPJ reporting by BPP will have additional access to the SPJ upload menu. Access to BPP is obtained at the Finance Unit Officer at SIM Finance. The contents are all journal transactions that must be filled in the SPJ. SPJ upload is done every 1st to 9th of every month. Documents can be filled in as documents or image files. If it has been uploaded, the status will be green.

The next menu is the SPJ Audit Menu where this menu is a complementary part of the SPJ, apart from SPJ per transaction, there are other documents that need to be uploaded, Recap Per MAK, Recap SPJ (Sort), Minutes of UMK Handover, Reconciliation Minutes, and Proof of Deposit Balance. This menu contains the file status, upload limit, and revision limit. If it is still within the upload limit, the uploaded file can still be revised, but if it passes the upload limit, the file will be deactivated, it cannot be uploaded again. However, if it is stated that there is a need for revision by KAI, the BPP can upload the revised file but cannot delete the previous file.

The hope is that this Audit SIM can be used for the procurement of audits in each unit efficiently and does not require a long time and can streamline the SPJ process.

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