List Of Staff

Staff Name : Artin Finalita, ST.
NIP : 197502181999032000
Function : Head of Department of Administration Sub Division
Email :
Job Desc :

  1. Manage routine administrative and operational processes.
  2. Support the guarantee process and quality control in the implementation of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi

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Nama Staff : Faizal Rizal
NIP : 340009001
Function : Assistant Treasurer
Email :
Job Desc :

  1. Compile the RBA, receive, pay, administer and account for money for the purposes of state expenditure and taxes, in accordance with their authority.
Staff Name
: Siyono
NIP : 196409062014091001
: Facilities and Infrastructure Technicians
Email :
Job Desc :

  1. Maintain class and office facilities and infrastructure.
  2. Preparing the facilities and infrastructure of the courtroom / auditorium / hall for the activities of the work unit.
  3. Document and improve class and office facilities that have the potential to cause harm (fire, fall, contamination, and shock).
  4. Check and propose the procurement of K3 devices in the work unit environment (Instructions on Evacuation, APAR, Hydrant, and Emergency Doors)
Staff Name : Untung
NIP : 196907052014091002
Function : Computer technician
Email : ; ;
Job Desc :

  1. Install and maintain network devices, access points, computers and / or servers.
  2. Installing and updating software needed by work units / employees.
  3. Propose renewal / procurement of ICT equipment at the work unit level.
  4. Develop and maintain work unit websites according to the needs of the work unit
Staff Name : Aroem Andajani
NIP : 196209291989022001
Function : Supervisor Librarian
Email :
Job Desc :

  1. Perform processing and information services in the Department Reading Room.
  2. Conduct administrative activities related to the Reading Room.
  3. Managing Reading Room Websites
Staff Name : Agus Zainal
NIP : 340010004
Function : Student and Alumni Administration
Email :
Job Desc :

  1. Disseminate information, serve administration of registration and disbursement of scholarships (including foreign students) and other student needs.
  2. Distributing questionnaires / questionnaires and preparing a tracer study report.
  3. Assisting the process of checking scientific plagiarism using anti-plagiarism software.
  4. Assist the process of submitting employee ranks and other personnel administration
Staff Name : Sumaji
NIP : 340010003
Function : Parking Officer
Email :
Job Desc :

  1. Maintain cleanliness and neatness of the work unit parking area.
  2. Arrange order parking for vehicles in the parking area / work unit area.
  3. Manage vehicle traffic in the work unit environment.
  4. Document and report potential hazards in the work unit environment.
  5. Check and monitor vehicles in the parking area / work unit area.
  6. Give a warning to users who violate
Staff  Name : Joko Purnomo
NIP : 1983201721508
Function : office boy
Email :
Job Desc :

  1. Coordinate and carry out hygiene activities.
  2. Assisting the maintenance or repair of facilities and infrastructure.
  3. Submitting household needs and materials.