Covid-19 Monitoring Application by ITS Lecturer Teams Received by IEEE SIGHT Special Covid-19 Projects

Fri, 29 May 2020
6:45 am
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Information Technology

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Initial display of COVID-19 patient monitoring web in East Java made by the ITS Team.

The  Lecturer Team of Institut Teknologgi Sepuluh Nopember in collaboration with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (IEEE SIGHT) developed a mobile version of the application for monitoring of Covid-19 patients. This collaboration is also a follow up of the collaboration between ITS and the East Java Provincial Health Office to develop the web application for

Dr Diana Purwitasari S.Kom., MSc., Team Leader of ITS, a developer of Covid-19 patient monitoring mobile applications in East Java.

The idea of ​​building this application originated from a problem that is often encountered in information systems in Indonesia, which is less integrated data. In this application, the East Java Provincial Health Office plays a controlling role in coordination with the District / City Health Office in East Java in collecting data. However, as explained by Dr Diana Purwitasari on page that accesses to using the application are still limited.If this application is completed and can be implemented successfully, the application can be accessed as soon as possible to facilitate government work. Besides, updating data can take place quickly without the need to wait every evening as it is currently still happening.Cooperation and coordination between the provincial and district/city governments are needed to ensure the continuity of this application, similarly, in terms of implementation supervision such as data consistency, information display, and implementation to minimize technical constraints.

Graph of COVID-19 Clusters per Regency/City on the web by the ITS Team.

Thanks to this innovative idea, the IEEE SIGHT Special Covid-19 Projects, a global network in partnership with communities or organizations that use technology for handling Covid-19, accepted this project. The project, which was designed for three weeks, is still in the stage of re-checking and adding other required features. The team headed by Dr Diana Diana Purwitasari, S.Kom., MSc. Estimates that the application will be completed in June and July have been socialized.

Display of COVID-19 patient data input on the web by the ITS Team

This application is of course also expected to be used to monitor the spread of viruses and diseases other than Covid-19 such as dengue fever. So that the Government can handle and stem its spread quickly. The ITS Lecturer Team itself will maintain this application until December.


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