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Since its establishment until now, PPK-SAC has played a significant role for ITS institutionally and for students and alumni. Data from alumni tracking and industrial collaboration can be used for measuring user satisfaction and used for institutional accreditation. Likewise with psychological services it is very helpful to map the initial conditions of ITS students so that the appropriate education process can be designed as long as the student is in ITS. In addition psychological and career guidance is very helpful for students in designing the career path they want to build after graduating from ITS.

Various information on the world of work that is in accordance with the competencies studied is very helpful in bridging students to have a career with full planning from the start. ITS PK2M also mapped the number of ITS students who were helped by the existence of ITS PK2M from the aspect of having the opportunity to conduct psychological consultations and career guidance, obtain information on career opportunities both online and offline through ITS career exchanges. The collaboration between PK2M ITS and Industry, especially in the ITS career market, also received a positive response.

At present, PK2M ITS continues to improve to improve the quality of services in order to achieve the stated vision and mission. One of the things that is being carried out is improving the quality of information and communication systems for the application of industrial cooperation, service information, tracking graduates to the implementation of ITS career exchanges. The development program that was also carried out was improving the quality and system of internships, guest lectures, and derivatives. Various psychological services are also continuously improved based on the results of the survey needs for both students and prospective graduates. PK2M ITS is currently joining and collaborating with ICCN (Indonesia Career Center Network), an organization that embodies the career centers that exist in Universities in Indonesia. Through this collaboration, PK2M ITS has a lot to learn and share with various career development centers in various universities in Indonesia.


Become an international reputable institution that is able to improve the competency of prospective graduates according to the demands of the world of work and develop the ability of students in the field of entrepreneurship


Organizing competency improvement programs for prospective graduates according to the demands of the international workforce
Supporting the preparation and implementation of education programs based on input from alumni and graduate users
Organizing service programs for students to pursue careers
Developing special services for the world of work in obtaining competency information for each study program and organizing the recruitment of prospective job seekers according to the required competencies
Organizing service programs and student entrepreneurship development to improve competence

ITS Career Center conducts various activities for related stakeholders, starting from seminars/career development workshops, MABA psychological tests, internships, Campus Hiring, and University Visits.

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