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Service ITS Career Center For Company

In addition to providing career services for students and job seekers, ITS Career Center is also very open to partnering with companies. ITS Career Center is ready to provide a variety of services for companies, ranging from employee recruitment (campus shopping, campus recruitment, etc. Internship), facilitating guest lectures and career talks seminars, job publications and others.

During the last five years (2010-2015) became a pioneer of cooperation with the Business World and the World of Industry (DUDI), located more than 327 companies that have collaborated with ITS. Starting from the national scale to multinational with a variety of industry segments.

The following are the services provided by the ITS Career Center to the company.


1. Bursa Karir ITS

The Bursa Karir ITS (BKI) is an event held every semester in order to welcome scholars from various scientific disciplines and educational programs with more than 4000 visitors per day. Contact us to be approved as participants (exhibitors) or sponsors of this event. The following is the ITS Career Exchange trip from 2012 to 2016.


2. Vacancy Publication

ITS Career Center provides job vacancy publication packages that can be used by companies to publish job openings that are being opened. Publication of vacancies will greatly help companies to attract job seekers. For more information about vacancy publications, please visit the vacancy publication menu.

3. Psychological tests

Psychological tests will be carried out by trained Career Development / SAC-ITS psychologists from testing to analysis and reporting. Psychological tests can be done with various methods according to the needs and agreements with the service users. The method used: Written test, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), interview, observation, and others. The psychological tools used have been tested, including: IST, CFIT, TKD, KRAEPLIN, WARTEG, BAUM, DAM, PAPIKOSTIK, 16 PF, EPPS, DISC, PAULI, MMPI, Managerial Tests and many more.

4.  Academic Potential Test

Academic Potential Tests will be conducted by ITS TPA Teams who are experienced in handling entrance examinations for ITS Postgraduate and New Student Programs. The time and place of implementation is in accordance with the mutual agreement between service users and the SAC Team.

Tests are carried out on weekdays (note: if the number of participants is large, the implementation can take place as agreed). Test time starts from 8:00 to complete.

5.  Rent Test Room

Companies can also rent rooms that the ITS Career Center provides for employee recruitment tests, career seminars, and others. The following room can be rented by the company.


The rental rates for each test room are as follows:

harga sewa width=


6.  Equipment rental

Companies can also rent network equipment needed for recruitment or other activities.

– Laptop Rp. 350,000 / day / unit

– Internet Rp.50,000 / day / user (user ≥ 1)


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