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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a member of ITS Career Center

  • Open the website
  • Create a new user id and use your active email. Every info from us will be sent to the email address.
  • Check your email then click the activation link (verification process).

ITS Career Center is open to ITS alumni and alumni from other universities throughout Indonesia

Yes, you can simply register to become a member of the jobseeker and apply for the job you like.

In addition to the main facilities, namely job information via email and applying online, there are also special facilities for SAC offline events, such as the ITS Career Exchange, workshops conducted by companies, and others.

There are three types of membership or members in SAC, namely members with a duration of 6 months, members with a duration of 1 year, and members for life. If you are an ITS alumni, then you are automatically registered as a member for life.

This happens because you have not filled out high school and equivalent education data. After you fill in your personal data and education history of the University or Institute, you must fill in the high school and equivalent education data.

No. Some companies only post job advertisements and there are also some companies that want anyone to apply for vacancies.

As per our concept, all processes are carried out online. You can apply through the menu, enter the application in the sidebar of your member page. Select the job that you want to apply for, and click apply. The personal data that you have filled in when registering (and can be updated at any time) will be given to the company that you apply for the shortlist process.

An activation email is generated by the server from the ITS Career Center website. Some email clients sometimes consider it spam. So try checking the spam folder on your email page. If it is deleted or does not exist, please contact the customer service listed on our contact page for manual validation.

Copy of CV, transcripts, and diplomas upload features indeed we disable. Because in its development is not needed. Copy of CV, transcripts, and diplomas brought during the interview.

We provide a ‘Forgot Password’ facility under the login dialog box. After clicking ‘Forgot Password’ fill in your email. Our website will send a link to fill in your new password.

Of course. You can send an email change request to and we will process it as soon as possible.

Check your personal data. Check the conformity with the requirements of the vacancies you want to apply.