Vision, Mision, Values of ITS

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To become an internationally reputable university in science, technology, and art, especially to support an environmentally conscious industrial and marine development.


ITS as a higher educational institution is committed in the development of science, technology, and art that can improve the welfare of community through educational activities, research, community service, and management system based Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

  1. Educational Activities
    • To promote excellence in educational activities with curriculum, faculty, and methods of international quality
    • To produce graduates who are faithful and devoted to God Almighty and have morals and manners of a noble
    • To equip graduates with the knowledge of entrepreneurship 
  2. Research
    • To participate actively in the development of science, technology, and art, especially in the field of marine, residential and environmentally sound energy through research of international quality. 
  3. Community Service
    • To utilize all its resources to participate in solving the problems faced by the community (including industry and government).
  4. Management
    • Institutional management is done by observing the principles of Good Service (Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independent, and Justice).
    • To create a conducive atmosphere and give full support to students and faculty-staff to develop themselves and maximum contribution to the society, industry, science, technology, and art
    • To develop network in order to be synergize with universities, industry, society, and government on providing educational activities, research, and community service.

Values of ITS

  1. Ethics and Integrity: in the life of society, state, or their profession, always sticking to the norms and regulations in force in the community, nation, and religion.
  2. Creativity and Innovation: always looking for new ideas to generate innovation in performing the task / role better
  3. Excellence: strive to the maximum to achieve perfect results.
  4. Leadership: have behavior that is visionary, creative, innovative, hard-working,brave to make changes towards a better and responsible.
  5. Synergy: work together in order to get the most potential.
  6. Socio-cohesiveness and Social Responsibility:maintaining harmony and care for the surrounding community.